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Software for Partial and Complete Loads

Our software for partial and complete lots takes your transport models into account and adapts to your processes. It ensures transport cost optimization and more transparency in the supply chain.

Intelligent logistics software for freight forwarders with a focus on process automation, empty mileage reduction and transport consolidation.

Logistics software cs JOB / cs PLAN / cs COM incl. sector module Partial and Complete Loads
per truck / one-time (1, 2) 870,00 € / minimum 20 trucks
(1) Number of dispatched vehicle units per day (own vehicles and vehicles of subcontractors)
(2) Price based on number of workstations or users on request

Trip model with display of all partial routes, real time dispatching, multi-client capability with continuous intercompany processing, integrated driver app with individual workflows, real time visibility platform cs WEB and many more...

Companies we work with

Intelligent technologies
lead to cost reductions

The demands placed on cargo forwarders have changed significantly in recent years. Traditionally low margins and rising costs meet increasingly demanding
customer requirements. This calls for good concepts. In addition to the sales challenges, administrative efforts and transport costs must also be reduced.
Keywords in this context are: Process automation, empty mileage reduction, crossdocking, transport consolidation or the use of intermodal transport concepts.

Our logistics software solution cs CONNECT covers the entire process, from quotation generation to dispatching and invoicing.

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This is what our customers say

Our software is used by small and large container logistics companies, but also by customers who cover other logistics areas besides the container business, such as groupage. A hybrid model is ideal here. In this way, each department can draw on the full range and has special functions for the industry to be served at hand.

Internal activity allocation now runs fully automatically and saves about an hour of time in the accounting department every day.
Thomas Buchner
Head of Logistics and IT,
TCT-Speditions GmbH
I can hide all the data fields I don't need, fix this view and provide it to my staff - this saves us a lot of administrative work and speeds up order entry considerably.
Marius Kahmen
Managing Director,
Kahmen TransCargo GmbH
cs CONNECT is a transport management system that is rarely found in terms of functionality and service.
Merlin Müller
Managing Director,
SITRA Spedition GmbH


Job-Modell / Process-oriented disposition  (digital twin)

The advanced trip model in cs JOB allows to view and process the order from the customer's point of view and at the same time from the dispatching point of view (real transport organization).
All processes are bundled in one place in a digital order folder. This provides transparency in processing and simplifies the evaluation of the order in terms of turnover and costs in real time. It does not matter whether it is a simple load-delivery order or broken transports with pre-carriage, main-carriage or on-carriage.
Even the combination of different modes of transport does not cause any difficulties.


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Waypoints model

Even the simplest transports can contain multiple waypoints, i.e. multiple loading and unloading points in one sales order.
Therefore, in cs JOB, in addition to simple orders with one loading and unloading point (load-deliver), you can also enter orders with any number of waypoints. For example, with additional loading or unloading points or, for example, other locations.

  • Customs office
  • Railroad station
  • Cleaning (silo vehicles)
  • Via points (routing)


Grafik mit Crossdocking in der Speditionssoftware und Logistiksoftware von cargo support

Cross Dock

With our software, you can realize complex supply chains in procurement logistics and thus reduce warehousing costs. With our functions for the industry, you will be able to map all cross docking processes.
In this way, you maintain an complete overview of the flow of goods at all times.
At each cross dock, the packages are captured digitally at the point of entry and exit, thus logging the flow of goods and the transfer of liability in real time. Thanks to automated status messages at package level, you also always keep your customers up to date.

Functions at a glance:

  • Incoming and outgoing goods
  • Intelligent target/actual reconciliation
  • Billing according to target/actual quantity
  • Acceleration of partial quantities possible (express)
  • Mobile solutions for warehouse handling
  • Transmission of all relevant data for transport



With our software for the loading industry you always keep the overview and save time and costs

Order interfaces
Order entry
Feedback & Control
Order interfaces

Digital import of orders

Bezeichnung Typ Status
Transporeon Logistikplattform verfügbar
Online System Logistik (OSL) Transportnetzwerk verfügbar
Gerolsteiner Verlader verfügbar
Adelholzener Verlader verfügbar
Reis (Möbel) Verlader verfügbar
Ophelis (Möbel) Verlader verfügbar
Beckermann (Möbel) Verlader verfügbar
Netto Verlader verfügbar
EMC Verlader verfügbar
Inside (cargo support / MAXFLEX) Logistik-Software verfügbar


Manual order entry and changes to placed orders are the most time-consuming activities in freight forwarding. With the use of order interfaces, these times can be drastically reduced. At the same time, data entry errors are avoided and telephone calls or e-mail communication with the customer are significantly reduced.

  • increases customer
  • satisfaction
  • saves time
Order entry

For better overview

In cs JOB, in addition to simple orders with one loading and unloading point (load-deliver), you can also enter orders with any number of waypoints. For example, with additional loading or unloading points or, for example, other locations.

  • Customs office
  • Railroad station
  • Cleaning (silo vehicles)
  • Via points (routing)

Intelligent Dispatching

  • Automated calculation of the execution time
  • Automated dispatching (Auto-Dispo)
  • Automated dispatching (Auto-Dispo)
Feedback & Control

Keeping track

  • Data retransmission from the driver app
  • Continuous ETA calculations for conflict checking
  • Digital signature/photo function/time feedback
  • Automated waiting time calculations
  • Recalculation of tariffs and surcharges
  • Plausibility checks in the system
  • Automated completion of order data

Avoid mistakes

  • Automated plausibility check
  • Automated customer billing
  • Automated subcontractor billing
  • Automated processing of incoming credit notes
  • Electronic invoicing to the customer
  • Data transfer to accounting/tax advisor
  • Automated evaluation of the contribution margins
  • Automated plausibility check of km turnover
  • Automated checking of customer orders
  • Automated data transfer to BI tools
  • Conclusions for process optimisation
  • Conclusions for sales and freight purchasing

Matching modules, interfaces and documents

Every industry has its own requirements for an enterprise resource planning system. With our industry-specific versions
we expand the "standard TMS" with functions that we have developed with the industry for the industry.
And of course we also have the right interfaces.

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Customer support

Our support team will help you with all questions concerning the application of cs CONNECT. The direct link to software development is provided by cs SERVICE, our web application for customers. Here you can see transparently and clearly our release planning and your orders.


And to ensure that you can use our software quickly and easily, we offer not only classroom training but also e-learning courses, webinars and, of course, ongoing consulting. After all, a key success factor in the introduction of new software is its acceptance by employees.

Worth knowing

Blog articles, tips & tricks videos, webinars, online courses - cargo support offers you a whole range of options to
ensure that your team is always well informed about new functions and applications.

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