Das Icon für cs DEPOt, de Software für Voll- und Leercontainerdepots für Speditionen und Transportunternehmen. cs DEPOT

The container depot software

Full and empty container depot as well as temporary storage. As a stand-alone solution or integrated into the industry software cs CONNECT, our depot management software covers all areas of a container depot.

From gate management, inventory management, container repairs and automated billing to the management and planning of all resources as well as interfaces and connections of mobile solutions.

Through the integration in cs CONNECT, intermodal orders and the processing of a container depot can be seamlessly mapped and processed in one software.

This means that all parties involved can access all data in real time at every stage of order processing. Multiple entries are eliminated and errors are avoided.

Grafik Beteiligte am intermodalen Transport mit der Speditionssoftware von cargo support

Main advantages

Driving digitization forward

Besides the depot, many other parties are involved in an intermodal container transport. Many processes can be digitally mapped in one software solution through integration in cs CONNECT. This brings real added value.

Improving customer relations

Customers can follow all information in real time. The focus is on order processing on water, on rail, on road and in the depot. This brings transparency and an information advantage all along the line.

Individual modules for your success

Our depot management software works like a Swiss army knife: the right tool for every purpose. If your business changes, the software adapts. You can choose from a wide range of workflows and functions and map your processes in a targeted manner.



Multitenancy capability with end-to-end intercompany processing - because a distinctive multisite functionality can significantly facilitate and automate processes in the company.

  • Intercompany accounting with intelligent cost and activity accounting
  • Establishment of flexible authorizations in the business units
  • Cross-client use of master data possible
  • Easy rollout of the ERP system to new locations and thus lower training cost

More efficiency and smooth workflows

With cs DEPOT, all steps - from picking up to returning the container - are fully digitalised. No paperwork to fill out and hand over! At the same time, all parties involved have real-time access to all data at every stage of order processing.  This eliminates multiple entries and potential errors can be avoided. Watch the video to see how our software solution works, using checking as an example.


Reibungslose Abläufe Ihrer Container-Depot-Prozesse

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Esther Savelsberg, project manager at cargo support, in an interview about our depot solution.
Automation and digitalisation are the keywords. Paperless working is the order of the day. Directly from the TMS into the depot software, including an app for checkers and forklift drivers. That's how Depot works.


Unsere Lösung für das Container-Depot

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Main functions

Order management

  • Import via interfaces
  • Automated plausibility check
  • Advised putaways / cs CONNECT
  • Notified stock removals / cs CONNECT
  • Digital or manual depot input
  • Digital or manual depot outgoing
  • Damage and repair processing
  • Inventory management

Document Management

  • Direct call of the scan function
  • Barcode recognition for automated document filing
  • Digitization of existing documents
  • Documents are deposited automatically
  • cs BOX integration


  • Automated plausibility check
  • Automated customer billing
  • Automated subcontractor billing
  • Automated processing of incoming credit notes
  • Electronic invoicing to the customer
  • Data transfer to accounting/tax advisor

Rights management

  • Individual user management
  • Assignment of user accounts to specific groups
  • Configuration and management by own administration
  • Data security and protection against unauthorized access


  • Digital Deposit Receipt List / Interface
  • Digital depot outgoing list / interface
  • Repositioning of containers
  • Depot contract

Master data

  • Manage and create customers
  • Manage and create suppliers
  • Manage and create employees
  • Manage and create forklifts
  • Create depot areas
  • Creation of container states
  • Creation of damage specifications
  • Creation of tariffs for billing

Technical information

Informationen für den Einsatz der
Softwarefamilie cs CONNECT



cs CONNECT runs on Microsoft Windows terminals that support .NET 4.8 or higher. These can be run in the local network as a PC or virtualised as a terminal server. Operation in the cloud and access via RDP or Citrix are also possible.


cs CONNECT can be used on one or more application servers running in a cluster, depending on the requirements. The AppServers run under Microsoft Windows and .NET 4.8 or higher as a service. In addition, REDIS as KeyValueStore and RabbitMQ as message-broker are installed on the servers. The application servers can be operated on local hardware, in VMs or in the cloud.


MySQL serves as the database. MySQL belongs to Oracle and is a powerful and cost-effective database. It can be operated on local hardware, in the cloud or as an Azure service (or AWS etc.). For site networking, clustering and security, MySQL offers real-time replication of data across many servers.

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