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Get Personal and Individual Support in Your Company with a Digital Coach  

The Digital Coach will assist you as a personal adviser. He or she combines the optimal application of the logistics software with the real conditions in your company. He or she trains your employees for individual processes and your entire process chain is included. So you are well equipped for the challenges of digitization.

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Real-time transparency with one click:
Real-time visibility by cargo support

The position of the vehicles, including the map display and the continuous calculation of the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), ensure transparency in the incoming list and enable anticipatory action at the loading point.

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We take over your data management

Find out more about cs HUB - our new tool for comfortable data integration. In this way, you can meet your customers' demands for end-to-end digitization and transparency with ease.

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Contact-free in times of Corona The digital POD: Safe thanks to Blockchain

In this way, you meet the requirements of the shippers and prove your digital competence. You save personnel costs and increase your margin.

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Expert Knowledge

Due to our many years of experience with large and small customers, we draw on extensive industry knowledge.

Passion with Heart

Our customers are our partners - together we take the next step into the digital future.

Individual Solutions

Every company is unique. With us, you get a solution that fits your business.

cargo support –
Your Partner for Logistics Software 

We help you find future-oriented software solutions.

cargo support works with passion and expertise to translate the complex requirements of the logistics industry into software. We develop flexible digital solutions for the transport of goods - always on par with our customers. Together we find individual solutions that are precisely tailored to your company. With our experience and expertise, we accompany you on your way to the digital future.


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The Digital POD

Reduce staffing rates, minimize empty runs and operate contact-free

Our  digital proof of delivery ensures that the data is returned quickly at the end of the transport chain - and makes the entire process much more transparent and economical. Because our  digital POD is based on blockchain technology, which reliably protects against manipulation.
With a digital POD from cargo support, you can meet the future requirements of shippers today and you are way ahead of the competition!


Individual Software Solutions for Your Industry

Increase the automation of your value chain with our freight forwarding and logistics software.
Container Logistics
  • Save time by easily capturing bulk orders
  • Keep track of structured processes and early warning systems
  • Track data in real time thanks to tracking and tracing
  • Uncomplicated communication with customers, terminals and depots through integrated interfaces
Partial and Complete Loads
  • Full cost and profit control thanks to transparent presentation in the dispatch plan
  • Automatic creation of legs, dynamic adaptation possible at any time
  • Error prevention through automated processes and integrated error messaging
  • Overview of personnel management and legal framework
Heavy Transport
  • Easily keep track of all involved parties
  • Avoid shortfalls thanks to project cost accounting for complex quote calculation
  • Facilitates the entry of large orders
  • Includes special items in billing
  • Request and invoicing to several subcontractors possible at the same time

The Future of Disposition: LiveDispo

Relieve your dispatchers and ensure better utilization of your fleet.

LiveDispo is a software solution for automated, dynamic and predictive planning of multimodal transport. This software solution shows in real time the effects of current events on current and future legs and connections. The dispatcher can see at a glance how the planned arrival and departure times are affected by traffic jams, traffic controls or delays in loading and unloading so that he or she can react in advance to anything that happens during transport.


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Personal Support On Site with the Digital Coach

Our experts help you to use the freight forwarding software optimally and sustainably.

The Digital Coach advises and supports your company intensively and personally in the application of our logistics software. One of our experts is on site for you. He or she trains your employees and is available to answer questions and problems. This is the best way to prepare your company and employees for digitization.

These are your advantages:

  • The Digital Coach has an eye on the entire digital process of your company and takes into account the different levels of knowledge of your employees.
  • He or she considers company-specific requirements and shows you how to use the software optimally.

MAXFLEX – the Rentable and Flexible Freight Forwarding Software for Companies with up to 30 Trucks

With the rental software MAXFLEX, you have the daily requirements firmly under control.

As a small to medium-sized company, you are faced with the challenge of keeping track of your day-to-day business. The right software will help you. MAXFLEX is based on the logistics software cargo support [dispo], one of the leading solutions for large forwarding companies and international logistics service providers. With MAXFLEX, you can take advantage of digitization without resorting to large and expensive solutions. Only rent what you really need. MAXFLEX is flexibly adaptable to your industry and needs.

Inexpensive and Fair

You pay per truck and only for modules that you actually use.

Risk Free

Due to this being a rental solution, you will incur minimal investment costs.


There is no binding contract and you can cancel monthly.


Do you have initial questions?

Read the most important answers at a glance.

The costs for our logistics software are calculated individually and depend on various factors. These include, for example, the number of users, the number of vehicles scheduled and the desired range of functions or the modules that are to be used. Acquisition costs are always relative. Much more important is the payback period. Experience from previous projects has shown that properly introduced logistics software pays for itself very quickly.

The rental software MAXFLEX is based on cargo support [dispo] and is the optimal solution for companies with up to 30 trucks. It helps you to keep track of the daily business, minimize errors and save costs. You only rent what you really need. MAXFLEX comes without a contract and is adaptable to your industry and customizable to your needs. This saves investment costs. With MAXFLEX, you not only keep pace with advancing digitization, but also, you noticeably relieve the burden of day-to-day business.

For companies with up to 30 trucks, there is our cost-effective rental software MAXFLEX. The cost is based on the number of trucks and flexibly bookable modules. The number of trucks can be adjusted monthly to your business performance. Thus, you always retain full flexibility and freedom in your distribution activities. The software will be installed on your server and your computers, so you will have full access to the software and the data, even if you have to interrupt the rental or stop it.

Our software solution supports the entire process from quotation to scheduling to billing. It helps you to manage your fleet and assign orders to individual trucks and drivers. The software is flexibly adaptable to your needs. You can integrate timetables and the distance engine of your choice. With the Route Planning Module, you can plan transports and keep track of the locations of your trucks. With the Driver App, you stay up to date with status reports on individual rides.

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Die deutschen Klimaziele können nur mit einer konsequenten Verkehrswende und einer Verlagerung der Gütertransporte von der Straße auf die Schiene gelingen.
Digitlaer Frachtbrief
Die Schmid Transport und Spedition GmbH hat den digitalen Frachtbrief eingeführt.
Die Schmid Transport und Spedition GmbH hat als einer der ersten Container-Logistiker den digitalen Frachtbrief eingeführt und nutzt dabei die Blockchain von cargo support.

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This is what our customers say

We have already worked together successfully with these companies.
Since the beginning of the cooperation, cargo support has helped us to meet the constantly changing challenges of the market in a professional manner. Without timely reactions from our partner, we would hardly be able to meet customer requirements and transports largely on time and with high quality.
Dirk Graszt
Dirk Graszt
GDH Transport und Containerlogistik GmbH
cargo support helps us to automate business processes and is an important building block for the further development of our company.
Ralph Frankenstein
Ralph Frankenstein
CTD Container-Transport-Dienst GmbH
With cargo support dispo, we can digitize all processes according to Logistics 4.0 and thus minimize our manual effort."
Thomas Rilling
Thomas Rilling
The real-time customer connections in conjunction with the Driver App by cargo support enable us to offer our customers innovative and efficient logistics solutions.
Dr. Martin Ahnefeld
Dr. Martin Ahnefeld
Ahnefeld Möbel-Logistik GmbH
Short reaction time ensure a long-term competitive advantage.
Andreas Mahlstedt
Andreas Mahlstedt
Spedition Mahlstedt GmbH, Delmenhorst
With the use of cargo support, we can work more than average orders with the same number of employees in order management than before.
Markus Schmid
Head of Executive Management
Schmid Transport und Spedition GmbH & Co. KG
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