Das Icon für cs BI, dem Modul für Business Intelligence für Speditionen und Transportunternehmen. cs BI

Analysis, decision, measures, planning

With cs BI, you gain important insights from your data by connecting, preparing and analysing it and deriving the right decisions from it.

To withstand cost pressure, continuous process and cost analyses are becoming increasingly important. Data quality plays a decisive role in this. After all, digitization in logistics also means generating and evaluating structured logistics data.

  • Recognizing and solving problems in everyday business at an early stage
  • Combining data from several applications.
  • Uniform evaluation of business data throughout the company
  • Collaborative analyses of the data in the team
Bildschirm mit einer Ansicht wie man die Auswertungen der Logistiksoftware konfigurieren kann.

Main advantages

Analysis without restrictions

In addition to consolidating data from other systems, all data from the cs CONNECT logistics software suite can be used for evaluations and analyses.

Active data analysis

By setting reasonable intervals, you can access information and evaluations dynamically. This results in a timely analysis that delivers up-to-the-minute results and triggers the right measures.

Ensuring process quality

With data analyses that provide insights from both operational processing and administration, you ensure efficient quality management. You can identify and remedy quality problems more quickly and better implement customer wishes.

Main functions

Data integration

  • Import function (various formats)
  • Filter and clean data
  • Detect and remove duplicates
  • Formatting data

User administration

  • Master user (creation of evaluations)
  • Analyser (use of created evaluations)
  • User rights


  • Dashboards
  • Drill-down function
  • Interactive evaluations

Technical information

Information for the application of the
Software family cs CONNECT



cs CONNECT runs on Microsoft Windows terminals that support .NET 4.8 or higher. These can be run in the local network as a PC or virtualised as a terminal server. Operation in the cloud and access via RDP or Citrix are also possible.


cs CONNECT can be used on one or more application servers running in a cluster, depending on the requirements. The AppServers run under Microsoft Windows and .NET 4.8 or higher as a service. In addition, REDIS as KeyValueStore and RabbitMQ as message-broker are installed on the servers. The application servers can be operated on local hardware, in VMs or in the cloud.


MySQL serves as the database. MySQL belongs to Oracle and is a powerful and cost-effective database. It can be operated on local hardware, in the cloud or as an Azure service (or AWS etc.). For site networking, clustering and security, MySQL offers real-time replication of data across many servers.

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