Freight forwarding software for smooth processes? Clever move!

Our freight forwarding and logistics software provides you with a comprehensive package of modules and services. Intelligent industry packages and many existing interfaces top off the range. Even the most complex processes in your company can be mapped effectively, clearly and in a user-friendly way.

By using innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, trips are planned more efficiently and the day-to-day work of dispatching is made easier. After all, process automation and digitalisation make you more effective and more profitable.

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We are logistics and freight forwarding software experts

Our freight forwarding software and services are tailored
to your company and your processes.

By using artificial intelligence
we ensure relaxed dispatchers

Through process optimisation and automation
we ensure higher profitability

The use of the digital consignment note reduces stress in the office
 and leads to faster invoice transaction times

Companies we work with

Consistent efficiency throughout the process:

Many different systems and manual steps have a negative impact on work quality and time spent. Integrated freight forwarding software solves many of these problems in one fell swoop. With our forwarding software cs CONNECT, you have the ideal solution for your company's transport management. From quoting, order entry and scheduling to invoicing and powerful BI tools. The following list shows you how accurately and with which functions our transport software makes your daily work easier.

  • Clean and professional quoting
  • Web-based tariff information for cross-modal quotation calculation
  • Dedicated quoting masks for less-than-truckload (LTL), full-truckload (FTL), container and intermodal transport
  • Any number of loading, transit and unloading points and modes (truck, rail, ship)
  • Alternative pick-up and drop-off points (container transport)
  • Easy recording and automatic calculation of an all-in price
  • Validity for evaluation and follow-up of offers
  • Offers sent directly by email
  • Connection to industry-standard order interfaces
  • Automated import and export
  • Connection to freight exchanges
  • Long or fast order entry
  • Cyclically recurring orders
  • Special order screens for partial and full loads and container transport
  • Any number of loading, transit and unloading points and modes (truck, rail, ship)
  • Alternative pick-up and drop-off points (container transport)
  • Easy entry and automatic calculation of an all-in price
  • View direct, pre/main/on-carriage shipments
  • Truck and intermodal transport (pick-up, multi-stop, presentation)
  • Automated loading, unloading and crane unloading processes
  • Routes and order templates with repeating patterns for recurring shipments
  • Optional use of Map&Guide (XServer) on all workstations
  • Documents and forms can be sent directly by email
  • Multifunctional schedule with tabular and graphical bar chart views
  •     Live scheduling
  •     Route and capacity planning with built-in artificial intelligence
  •     Effective route planning based on experience
  •     Suggestions for appropriate contractors or vehicles
  •     Prediction of delays and driver reliability
  •     Graphical scheduling by volume, weight and job type
  •     Flexible setting of views depending on employee's question and task
  •     Direct email functionality with free text and customised email templates
  •     Direct connection to external interfaces such as electronic pre-announcement
  •     Processing of orders and trips in the dispatch plan
  •     Optional use of Map&Guide (XServer) on all workstations
  •     Google Maps connection
  •     Optional display of fleet status with many other functions (e.g. driver app)
  •     Documents and forms can be sent directly by email
  • Simple and clear control of all jobs and trips
  • Simple and clear control of all deadlines for orders, fleet and employees
  • Various analyses for each control step included in the scope of delivery
  • No more forgotten orders and invoices, no more extra costs
  • Any number of invoices can be created for each order
  • Tariff system for storing a wide range of billing models
  • Individual and collective invoicing for customers (sales) and suppliers (costs)
  • Easy invoice control and correction
  • Convenient cancellation function with automatic offsetting entry
  • Recording of incoming payments with integrated credit limit control
  • Credit memo request and procedure for checking incoming credit memos
  • Optional export of invoice data via interface (e.g. DATEV, Diamant, etc.)
  • Clear analyses and logbooks for customer orders
  • Clear analyses and logbooks for own vehicles
  • Clear analyses and logbooks for subcontractors
  • Analyses of all accounting items (turnover and costs)
  • Many analysis settings included

About cs CONNECT

From quote and order processing to scheduling, freight calculation, BI tools and artificial intelligence add-ons.
Our freight forwarding software has the right solution for every area.

Target groups

cs CONNECT is the powerful transport management system for freight forwarders, transport companies and the shipping industry. With special industry solutions for container logistics, intermodal transport, FTL/LTL and new furniture and heavy goods logistics.


  • Process automation and digitalisation
  • Make life easier for your drivers and dispatchers
  • More accurate decision making
  • Decisive competitive advantage
  • Improved cash flow

This is what our customers say

Our software is used by small and large container logistics companies, but also by customers who cover other logistics areas besides the container business, such as groupage. A hybrid model is ideal here. In this way, each department can draw on the full range and has special functions for the industry to be served at hand.

For us, cargo support is not a supplier but a strategic partner.
Ole Heemayer
Ole Heemeyer
Commercial Manager,
EKB Containerlogistik
With the use of cargo support, we can process more orders than before with the same number of staff in order management.
Markus Schmid
Managing Director, 
Schmid Transport und Spedition GmbH & Co. KG
cargo support helps us to automate business processes and is an important building block for the further development of our company.
Ralph Frankenstein
Ralph Frankenstein
Managing Director,
CTD Container-Transport-Dienst GmbH

Go digital now!

The cs CONNECT logistics & forwarding system provides you with flexible forwarding software that adapts to your needs. This enables you to meet your customers' demands for end-to-end digitalisation and transparency!

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