Das Icon für cs STAMP, dem Modul für das digitale Stempeln der elektronischen Frachtbriefe für Speditionen und Transportunternehmen. cs STAMP

The DIGISTAMP for the e-bill of lading

With DIGISTAMP, the electronic consignment note (e-CMR) is not only digitally signed at the loading point, but also digitally stamped. Regardless of whether it is directly at the ramp, at the heel or at night at the gate.

The DIGISTAMPs are created with the app cs STAMP (Android). The use is free of charge, users only need to be registered with cargo support and have a valid user license.

  • Create and approve digital stamps for individual loading points.
  • Not only sign the digital waybill, but also have it digitally stamped
  • The digital stamp proves the personal appearance of the driver on site
Bildkomposition mit dem digitalen Frachtbrief, ecmr, elektronischen Frachtbrief

DIGISTAMP - the digital stamp in the field

Transport companies

The digital stamp serves as further security for the presence of a driver at the loading or unloading point and can be used by all transport companies and their loading points that use our transport management system. No matter if directly at the ramp, at the heeling place or at night at the gate.

Loading points

As soon as the stamps are activated for your loading point, the transport companies can enter this information in their transport management. This setting will inform drivers via an indicated stamp on the digital waybill that your loading point is using the DIGISTAMP. The DIGISTAMPS are available in two practical versions.

Application in the field

When a driver arrives at a participating loading point, he will ask the staff at the loading point for the DIGISTAMP. The employee at the loading point now simply holds the DIGISTAMP up to your driver's cell phone. An online check takes place and if the stamp is active, the digital waybill is stamped.

Infos & Downloads

Here we have a selection of brochures, flyers, ­videos and further information for you.

Technical information

This app is available for Android devices.



A current Android smartphone or tablet PC with Android version 5.1 or higher (UMTS-capable, with Bluetooth or Wireless Direct interface. Recommendable: an integrated GPS receiver and a camera with a resolution of at least 3 megapixels.

Server settings

An application server is required to operate the cs DRIVE App. For this you should have a fixed external IP address, alternatively an existing DynDNS entry can be used.


cs DRIVE is directly linked to the main program parts, such as the administration and order management system cs JOB, the route planning module cs MAP and the disposition cs PLAN.

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