The AI-supported route planning:
More intelligence for your scheduling!


AI+ Künstliche Intelligenz für die Disposition

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With the use of artificial intelligence in capacity planning and dispatching, you can optimise your capacity utilisation and route planning.
route planning and thus reduce empty kilometres, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

And on top of that, you save your nerves in dispatching! Dispatchers are relieved of time and can, for example, be used for
for customer loyalty, for example - which enables a higher quality of service.


Improved utilisation

Reduce empty kilometres,
Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions

More transparency

Recognise bottlenecks in your
resources in time

Save nerves

Dispatchers are provided with time and
can be deployed more frequently for the service

Because the quality of the data is what counts

Put an end to Excel and brainteasers in scheduling and move towards simulation and the optimal use of
available trucks and resources. Make your order data AI-compatible.

The medium- and short-term capacity planning of trucks in container transport poses great challenges for dispatchers. The exact number and type of orders for the next one to two weeks changes almost hourly.
Clients expect an immediate answer as to whether transports and appointment requests can be accepted. At the same time, the available fleet and driver capacities can change at short notice. Overall, orders for container transport have become more complex and drivers scarcer. The available resources can hardly be reliably planned over longer periods of time using conventional methods.

What does AI+ do within our logistics software?

Our AI-supported capacity and route planning determines cost-, route- and time-optimised routes for all vehicles and takes into account various constraints. For example, current order data and customer commitments, delivery and pick-up time windows as well as vehicle capacities and necessary driver qualifications are taken into account. The weighting of the respective criteria is determined individually for each customer depending on the order and fleet structure. The suggested tours can then be transferred to the scheduling process. The planning and suggestion of follow-up orders rounds off our AI solution. The goal is the optimal utilisation of the entire fleet.


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