Das Icon für cs SCAN, dem Modul für Warenausgangsscannung für Speditionen und Transportunternehmen cs SCAN

Smooth flow of goods in the warehouse

The module cs SCAN supports you in connection with the logistics software cs JOB in controlling your material and goods flows in the warehouse.

With the cs SCAN app, you have all the functions combined in one application that are necessary for an error-free work process in the warehouse or transshipment hall.

  • Transmit data in real time
  • Simple operability
  • Interface control
  • Multilingualism
Ansicht Speditionssoftware auf Packstückebene mit Scan App

Main advantages

Driving digitization forward

With the use of cs SCAN, the warehouse process is automatically digitized and an automatic and paperless data and document transfer is created.

Security during data transfer

Data is transferred via mobile communications or WLAN. Thanks to the integrated offline mode, work can still be done even if there is temporarily no longer a connection to the main system.

Edit warehouse data in real time

You can scan the package data in the warehouse and edit it via dialogs. All data and information is passed on in real time and can thus be viewed and used by all departments and the customers for further process steps.

Technical information

This app is available for Android devices.



A current Android smartphone or tablet PC with Android version 5.1 or higher (UMTS-capable, with Bluetooth or Wireless Direct interface. Recommendable: an integrated GPS receiver and a camera with a resolution of at least 3 megapixels.

Server settings

An application server is required to operate the cs DRIVE App. For this you should have a fixed external IP address, alternatively an existing DynDNS entry can be used.


cs DRIVE is directly linked to the main program parts, such as the administration and order management system cs JOB, the route planning module cs MAP and the disposition cs PLAN.

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