The digital waybill (eCMR):
Your head start in transport and logistics


Der eCMR von cargo support

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The electronic waybill is now also a reality in transport logistics, ensures a fast return of data at the end of the transport chain - and makes the entire process significantly more transparent, economical and 100% legally secure. This is because the digital waybill is based on blockchain technology, which reliably protects against manipulation.

With the e-bill of lading from cargo support, you can meet the future requirements of shippers today and stay way ahead of the competition!

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More orders

Choose the digital consignment note
and gain decisive advantages
when placing orders.

Fewer costs

Your entire transport
and billing process is significantly
more efficient and economical

Proven solution

We have implemented
the electronic consignment note
in many industries.

More success with tendering

Rely on our digital waybill solution in transport logistics.
This gives you a future-proof solution and puts you at the forefront of tenders.

Grafik für Digitalisierung

Current requirements satisfied

You meet the requirements of major shippers and a key demand of challenging customers: to receive the POD promptly after delivery - in digital form, signed with legally binding and with all relevant information.

Grafik für Digitalkompetenz

Digital competence demonstrated

With the digital consignment note and our logistics software, you position yourself as a modern, future-oriented transport company - an image which is a clear competitive advantage. Because the future of transport logistics is digital.

Also a real gain economically

The digital waybill makes your entire transport and billing process much more efficient and economical.

Branchenbild Containerlogistik

No longer give away money

The receipted waybills are available to you directly after unloading
and you can invoice directly. And you can do it correctly. Because simple
handling by the drivers and the multilingual workflow process
ensure that any obstacles to delivery or waiting times are fully recorded.

Sustained cost saving

The digital POD facilitates correct data collection and you can
you can process it directly in the system.
This saves you time-consuming rework in the back office.
You also save on expensive empty runs of the trucks for the handing over
traditional waybills in the office, as well as printing and paper costs.

Bild Schutzschild Logistiksoftware mit Blockchaintechnologie

Absolutely secure through blockchain technology

Data manipulation impossible

We have reliably solved the high security requirements for the transport of goods that are often worth millions. Together with leading logistics companies, we have defined an end-to-end secure process around the digital bill of lading (eCMR) - based on a legally secure blockchain that prevents manipulation.

Here's how it works:

  •     All data and files are hashed at the time of collection and these hash values are written to a blockchain.
  •     In this way, the encrypted mirror image of the actual files is documented in an unchangeable way.
  •     Thus, at a later point in time, the authenticity of the file or date can be determined and confirmed at any time.



Simple and fast via smartphone and app

To take advantage of the electronic waybill (eCMR), all your drivers need smartphones equipped with our cs DRIVE app. The waybills can be transferred to it contactlessly, shown on the display and edited by the driver.


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Even more secure with the digital stamp:

With DIGISTAMP, the electronic consignment note (e-CMR) is not only digitally signed at the loading point, but also digitally stamped in addition. And that ensures greater security. Whether directly at the ramp, at the heel or at night at the gate - the digital stamp proves the personal appearance of the driver on site.

The process is based on a coded RFID dongle that connects to the driver's cell phone via NFC (Near Field Communication) when the goods are picked up or delivered. After the RFID dongle is held directly against the driver's cell phone, online verification starts. If this is positive, the digital stamp is created.

Bild von RFID-Dongle als Chipkarte oder Anhänger

RFID dongle as smart card or tag

The chip cards are encoded by the transport companies participating
in the procedure using the specially developed cs STAMP app.

Matching modules, interfaces and documents

Every industry has its own requirements for an enterprise resource planning system. With our industry-specific versions
we extend the "standard TMS" with functions that we have developed with the industry for the industry.
And of course we also have the right interfaces.

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