Mit einem Potentialworkshop den
Einsatz der Speditionssoftware optimieren

Das Wettbewerbsumfeld und die geringen Margen erfordern ein Umdenken innerhalb der Transportbranche.
Unternehmen sollten sich daher fragen, wie sie ihren Betrieb fit für die digitale Zukunft machen können, um den Anschluss nicht zu verlieren.

Our potential workshop helps you analyze and rethink your processes. Often, companies do not fully exploit the potential of our freight forwarding software and do not make optimal use of all areas. We take your individual requirements and review how they can be optimally mapped in cargo support's logistics software.

Central points here are:

  •     Optimize processes
  •     Making costs more transparent
  •     Improve customer service
  •     Process information in real time
  •     Automate processes

Discuss with our logistics professionals at eye level and benefit from countless new features that freight forwarders and logistics operations have come up with in recent years.

All relevant departments or cross-departmental representatives should participate in the potential workshop. Each department can contribute its perspective and individual requirement to the optimization process.

In addition, at least one person from your company must completely accompany the potential workshop. This person is the central contact person for us and is responsible for defining the catalog of measures. The measures are based on what benefits can be expected at what cost. On this basis, we make well-founded decisions together and derive how to proceed further.

Person in Schulungssituation

This is how the workshop goes


Customer preparation

You will receive a questionnaire from us. Enter important topics and questions here. This will enable us to prepare for your concerns before the workshop.


Preparation cargo support

Based on the questionnaire, we prepare intensively for your topics. We incorporate your questions into the agenda for the potential workshop and coordinate them with you before the workshop.


Realization of the workshop

In the workshop, we record your requirements and check directly whether implementation is possible - either through program modifications or with new modules. For optimal follow-up, we document the process.



After the potential workshop, we revise and complete the protocol. We clarify open questions internally with support, sales or technology. We then arrange a telephone appointment to finalize the project.



During the telephone appointment, we present the protocol to you point by point. You then decide which measures will be taken. The goal is to use the software optimally and improve your competitiveness.


Conclusion and performance review

Once implementation has taken place and the agreed measures have been completed, we jointly conduct a performance review.

Successful customers: What drives us the most and proves our competence

No matter how big your transport, logistics or industrial company is, or how complex your requirements and needs are, what counts for us is the satisfaction and success of our customers.  

The realtime customer connections in conjunction with cargo support's own driver app enable us to offer our customers innovative and most efficient logistics solutions.
Dr. Martin Ahnefeld Managing Director, Ahnefeld Möbel-Logistik GmbH
cargo support helps us automate business processes and is an important building block for the further development of our company.
Ralph Frankenstein Managing Director, CTD Container-Transport-Dienst GmbH
I like the idea of our industry working with a common standard and mutually benefiting from program enhancements.
Ferdinand Kloiber Managing Director, Kloiber GmbH
Internal accounting allocation now runs fully automatically and saves around an hour of time in the accounting department every day.
Thomas Buchner Head of Logistics and IT, TCT-Speditions GmbH
With the use of cargo support, we can process more orders than before with the same number of staff in order management.
Markus Schmid Managing Director, Schmid Transport und Spedition GmbH & Co. KG
With its high level of automation and development expertise, cargo support is the ideal partner for us on the path to efficiently linking our services for customers and partners.
Julien Jourdan Managing Director, reLOGG GmbH & Co. Kg
cargo support is not a supplier for us, but a strategic partner.
Ole Heemeyer Commercial Manager, EKB CONTAINER LOGISTIK
cargo support's cs CONNECT solution was very mature and offered us the greatest development potential.
Ronny Kehrhahn Managing Director, IGS Intermodal Container Logistics GmbH
I can hide all the data fields I don't need, fix this view and make it available to my employees - this saves us a lot of administrative work and speeds up order entry considerably.
Marius Kahmen Managing Director, Kahmen TransCargo GmbH
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