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Software for the New Furniture Logistics

We have acquired real expertise in New Furniture Logistics over the past few years. With well-known customers and networks, we have developed functions that are specifically beneficial for Furniture Logistics specialists.

Software for smooth transportation including real-time data on the processing status of goods for your customers down to the package level.

Logistics software cs JOB incl. industry module New Furniture Logistics
per truck / one-time(1) (2) 750,00 € , minimum 20 trucks
(1) Number of dispatched vehicle units per day (own vehicles / vehicles of subcontractors)
(2) Price on number of workstations / users on request

Outgoing goods scanning at the warehouse, delivery scanning at the unloading point, driver app with assembly instructions, time recording and claim handling in case of damage, real-time scheduling, notification of the unloading point, track & trace and many more...

Companies we work with

This is what our customers say

Our software is used by small and large container logistics companies, but also by customers who cover other logistics areas besides the container business, such as groupage. A hybrid model is ideal here. In this way, each department can draw on the full range and has special functions for the industry to be served at hand.

With its high degree of automation and development expertise, cargo support is the preferred partner for us on the path to efficiently linking our services for customers and partners.
Julien Jourdan
Managing Director,
Relogg GmbH & Co. KG
Real-time customer connection in conjunction with cargo support's own driver app enables us to provide our customers with innovative and efficient logistics solutions.
Dr. Martin Ahnefeld
Dr. Martin Ahnefeld
Managing Director,
Ahnefeld Möbel-Logistik GmbH

ERP system for
New Furniture Logistics

Our software for new furniture logistics maps the complete process chain, including swap body logic and workflow for your drivers and assemblers with assembly instructions, time recording and complaints handling. Thanks to loading scanning, you always know where which cases are in use and your customers are informed about the order status in real time at package level. Waiting times for loading and unloading can be avoided and empty runs reduced.

Customer example reLOGG


Holger Böse über die Neuentwicklung für die Möbellogistik

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Yes, software specifically for container
container logistics can do more

In view of the numerous multimodal interfaces along the supply chain
this area requires far more than just an additional data field for the
container number in standard freight forwarding software. What is needed here are
IT solutions that can be used along the supply chain between shipper, shipping company,
operator, freight forwarder and end customer for maximum transparency and an unhindered
data flow. The question of the current location of the goods and the expected
time of delivery must be answered at all times.

cargo support's industry software for container logistics maps all business
processes in container logistics.

Volker Hasch, Geschäftsführer cargo support

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Matching modules, interfaces and documents

Every industry has its own requirements for an enterprise resource planning system. With our industry-specific versions
we expand the "standard TMS" with functions that we have developed with the industry for the industry.
And of course we also have the right interfaces.

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Customer support

Our support team will help you with all questions concerning the application of cs CONNECT. The direct link to software development is provided by cs SERVICE, our web application for customers. Here you can see transparently and clearly our release planning and your orders.


And to ensure that you can use our software quickly and easily, we offer not only classroom training but also e-learning courses, webinars and, of course, ongoing consulting. After all, a key success factor in the introduction of new software is its acceptance by employees.

Worth knowing

Blog articles, tips & tricks videos, webinars, online courses - cargo support offers you a whole range of options to
ensure that your team is always well informed about new functions and applications.

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