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Almost all companies need to massively increase the speed at which they drive their digitization. Today, the software used and the connection to interfaces and external billing systems often decide who gets an order and who does not.

Our quick check shows them which software functions and digitization measures make the most sense for your individual requirements - to optimize your processes and save costs.


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Individual counseling

We show you which
digitization  measures make the most sense
for your requirements.

Completely risk-free

With our Quick-Check we advise you
free of charge and without obligation.

Best Practice

In our analysis, we show you
what "best practice" processes could look like at your company.

This is how the Quick-Check works


Basic topics

Size of the company
Digital maturity of the divisions
Focus of activity


Incoming orders

Manual order entry
Order import via interfaces
Data quality and completeness
Missing order data and order updates



Dispatching modes (TMS, Excel, mixed mode).
Communication with the driver (phone, chat, app)
Representation of transport realities (digital twin)
Telematics (order management)


Fleet and personnel management

Vehicle fleet (inventory and deployment planning)
Personnel (deployment and vacation planning)



Billing types and processes
Billing quality and completeness
Billing speed
Internal and external document flow



Order key figures
Vehicle key figures
Personnel deployment costs

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