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Software for container logistics

We are at home in the container industry and have acquired expert knowledge through years of
working with large and small customers. Use our know-how for your processes.
With our freight forwarding software you can keep pace with the rapidly advancing digitization.

Powerful logistics software for the transport of transit, import or export containers.

Cross-modal offer calculation, integrated timetables, automated slot booking, train planning, trip model with automated mode split, chassis tracking, integration of different distance plants and many more...

Companies we work with

Port hinterland, transport management, online tariff information, digital consignment note, train booking, slot booking:

We map your transport process from the highest to the lowest process level across all modes of transport. One software for transport management, cross-modal offer calculation, container logistics with digital consignment note or depot management - on one database, without duplicate data entry and tariff maintenance.

We can do intermodal. And yes, we can also do interfaces.


cs CONNECT is the digital logistics solution for handling your intermodal transport

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This is what our customers say

Our software is used by small and large container logistics companies, but also by customers who cover other logistics areas besides the container business, such as groupage. A hybrid model is ideal here. In this way, each department can draw on the full range and has special functions for the industry to be served at hand.

For us, cargo support is not a supplier but a strategic partner.
Ole Heemayer
Ole Heemeyer
Commercial Manager,
EKB Containerlogistik
With the use of cargo support, we can process more orders than before with the same number of staff in order management.
Markus Schmid
Managing Director, 
Schmid Transport und Spedition GmbH & Co. KG
cargo support helps us to automate business processes and is an important building block for the further development of our company.
Ralph Frankenstein
Ralph Frankenstein
Managing Director,
CTD Container-Transport-Dienst GmbH

Best of breed or "all from one source"?

General cargo, loading traffic, sea freight and preferably also a module for air freight. When forwarders decide on a new transport management system, the solution should be able to cover all sectors if possible. The requirement is quite understandable, but the hard and fast line can usually only be maintained with compromises in the functionalities. This is especially true when logistics service providers want to penetrate new business areas.

Best-of-breed, on the other hand, in the area of IT systems means using the most suitable software solution for each business purpose. Accordingly, best-of-breed strategists focus on modularity and combine solutions from different providers. These special solutions - for container logistics or combined transport, for example - are combined to create an integrated system landscape. It is simply a matter of interfacing with the industry-specific range of functions.

Integration via interface

Seamless integration of our
specific solution for container logistics
into your existing TMS.


High customer and
and employee satisfaction due to
specific range of functions.

Best Practice

There are many transport companies
that follow the best-of-breed strategy.
The advantages speak for themselves.


Automated slot booking in the
Port of Hamburg and Bremerhaven

At the three container terminals of Hamburger Hafen und Lagerhaus AG (HHLA) and the terminals of Eurogate, Eurokombi and C. Steinweg (Süd-West Terminal), slot booking has been integrated for about five years. Container Service (HCS), Container Maintenance Repair Hamburg (CMR) and CCIS Germany GmbH (Progeco) as well as the veterinary and customs offices are also connected to the system. At Eurogate Terminal Bremerhaven, the mandatory use of pre-announcement and slot booking will start on 1 May 2023.
Our automatic slot booking system automatically reserves and books available slots and displays the current status of all containers in real time on an interactive schedule.
These are your benefits:

  • Fully automated or optional manual booking
  • Automated grouping of intermodal containers at the terminal
  • Booking overview of all booked slots
  • Integrated slot utilisation display per terminal and gate
  • Integrated container status display (e.g. 550 regulatory requirement not met)

Automatic slotbooking

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Train planning in cs PLAN

We are thus addressing all transport service providers who are active in combined transport and handle their main runs completely or partially by rail.
The cs PLAN scheduling module allows you to create your own train schedules, which can be extended to include future periods using a convenient copy function. It makes no difference to the integrated train planning whether own locomotives are dispatched or the capacities of railway undertakings are used.
In cs PLAN, the employee has access to the tabular train timetable in which all information is available in compressed form. Detailed data on containers or train numbers can be called up with a click in submenus.

Together with the pre- and on-carriage planned by truck, complete multimodal transports can be mapped and monitored.

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Bildschirm mit Speditionssoftware für die Zugplanung im kombinierten Verkehr

Bildkomposition mit LKW und Mobiltelefon mit e cmr

The e-waybill based on blockchain technology

The digital proof of delivery (eCMR) ensures a fast return of the data at the end of the transport chain - and makes the entire process significantly more transparent and economical. We have reliably solved the high security requirements for the transport of goods that are often worth millions. Together with leading logistics companies, we have defined an end-to-end secure process around the digital consignment note (eCMR) - based on blockchain technology.

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With our software for the container industry, you always keep an overview and save time and costs

Order interfaces
Order entry
Feedback & Control
Order interfaces

Digital import of orders

Bezeichnung Typ Status
Senator Logistik-Software verfügbar
CargoSoft Logistik-Software verfügbar
Eurogate Intermodal (EGIM) Terminalbetreiber verfügbar
Hapag-Lloyd Reeder verfügbar
Maersk Reeder verfügbar
Metrans Operator verfügbar
MSC Reeder verfügbar
Transfracht (TFG) Operator verfügbar
TX Logistik (TX) Operator verfügbar
ERS Railways (ERS) Operator in Vorbereitung
Contank Spedition verfügbar
Fr. Meyer’s Sohn (FMS Spedition verfügbar
SCS Supply Chain Services AG (SCS) Spedition in Vorbereitung
European Gateway Services (EGS) Operator verfügbar
Den Hartogh Spedition verfügbar
DSV Spedition verfügbar
NKG Kala Verlader verfügbar
Dakosy AC03 Logistik-Software verfügbar
TX Logistik (Nahverkehr) Operator verfügbar
Hellmann Worldwide Logistics Dienstleister verfügbar
HLS Hamburger Logistic Service GmbH Verlader verfügbar
Kühne & Nagel Dienstleister in Vorbereitung
Inside (cargo support / MAXFLEX) Logistik-Software verfügbar


Manual order entry and changes to placed orders are the most time-consuming activities in freight forwarding. With the use of order interfaces, these times can be drastically reduced. At the same time, data entry errors are avoided and telephone calls or e-mail communication with the customer are significantly reduced.

  •     relieves the employees
  •     increases customer satisfaction
  •     saves time
Order entry

Für eine bessere Übersicht

The order renewal is divided into two areas: Order and List.
While the order can be entered under the Order tab, there are four groupings under the List tab:


  •     Order: Order creation completed
  •     Order entry: Order creation not yet completed
  •     Order template: A list of order templates
  •     Offer: All offers created

Intelligent Dispatching

  • Automated calculation of the execution time
  • Route optimisation and container combinations
  • Automated slot/time slot booking
  • Automated dispatching (Auto-Dispo)
  • Transmission to the driver app
  • Individual workflows for import, export and transit
Feedback & Control

Keeping track

  • Data retransmission from the driver app
  • Continuous ETA calculations for conflict checking
  • Digital signature/photo function/time feedback
  • Automated waiting time calculations
  • Recalculation of tariffs and surcharges
  • Plausibility checks in the system
  • Automated completion of order data

Avoid mistakes

  • Automated plausibility check
  • Automated customer billing
  • Automated subcontractor billing
  • Automated processing of incoming credit notes
  • Electronic invoicing to the customer
  • Data transfer to accounting/tax advisor
  • Automated evaluation of the contribution margins
  • Automated plausibility check of km turnover
  • Automated checking of customer orders
  • Automated data transfer to BI tools
  • Conclusions for process optimisation
  • Conclusions for sales and freight purchasing

Matching modules, interfaces and documents

Every industry has its own requirements for an enterprise resource planning system. With our industry-specific versions
we expand the "standard TMS" with functions that we have developed with the industry for the industry.
And of course we also have the right interfaces.

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We are there for you

Customer support

Our support team will help you with all questions concerning the application of cs CONNECT. The direct link to software development is provided by cs SERVICE, our web application for customers. Here you can see transparently and clearly our release planning and your orders.


And to ensure that you can use our software quickly and easily, we offer not only classroom training but also e-learning courses, webinars and, of course, ongoing consulting. After all, a key success factor in the introduction of new software is its acceptance by employees.

Worth knowing

Blog articles, tips & tricks videos, webinars, online courses - cargo support offers you a whole range of options to
ensure that your team is always well informed about new functions and applications.

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