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Optimize the use of your Software with a Workshop on Potential

Together we analyze potential and opportunities for your company.

The competitive environment and low margins require a rethink in the transportation industry. Companies should therefore ask themselves how they can make their business fit for the digital future so as not to lose touch.

Central points are:

  • Optimize processes
  • Make costs more transparent
  • Improve customer care
  • Process information in real time
  • Automate processes

Our workshop on potential helps you to analyze and rethink your processes. Often, companies do not fully exploit the potential of our logistics software and do not make optimal use of all areas of it. We take your individual requirements and check how they can be optimally mapped in the cargo support logistics software.

Discuss on equal terms with our logistics professionals and benefit from countless new features that forwarding companies and logistics companies have come up with in recent years. This workshop on potential should involve all relevant departments or general representatives of the departments. Each department can contribute their point of view and their individual requirements to the optimization process. In addition, at least one person from your company must accompany the workshop in its entirety. This person is the central contact person for us and is responsible for defining the package of measures. These measures are based on which benefits can be expected at what cost. On this basis, we make informed decisions together and determine how we proceed.

This is the Schedule for the Workshop

In six different phases, we get your potential on track:
1. Customer preparation 
You will receive a questionnaire from us. Enter important topics and questions here. This will enable us to prepare for your concerns before the workshop.
2. cargo support preparation
Based on the questionnaire, we prepare ourselves intensively for your topics. We include your questions in the agenda for the workshop on potential and coordinate with you before the workshop.
3. Performance of the workshop on potential
In the workshop, we record your requirements and immediately check whether implementation is possible. We also assess how your requirements can be implemented, for example, through software adjustments or with new modules. During the workshop, we document the plan of action. In this way, we enable optimal follow-up. As a rule, two of our consultants carry out the workshop.
4. Follow-up
After the workshop, we revise and complete the minutes. We answer open questions internally with your Support, Sales or Engineering personnel. Then we arrange a telephone meeting to finalize the project.
5. Implementation
As part of the telephone meeting, we will introduce you to the protocol point by point. You then decide what action to take. We support you in the decision-making process. The goal is to use the software optimally and to improve your competitiveness.
6. Completion and success control
Once the implementation has taken place and the agreed measures have been completed, we jointly conduct a performance review.

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