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our shipping software

We stand by your side for all challenges

We support you in optimally using our logistics software in all areas.

No matter where you need help related to the topic of freight forwarding software - we offer you the right solution. Our services are tailored to your needs and to help you individually and precisely.

With training, workshops or the personal support provided by the Digital Coach, we help you to make the best possible use of our logistics software and to get the most out of your company. Together, we analyze your processes and translate them into digital processes that you can map with our software. We train your employees in the proper handling of functions and programs and help them to optimally apply what they’ve learned in their daily work. On request, one of our experts will help as Digital Coach personally and locally to create a foundation of knowledge about the software in your company. And if a specific problem or a question arises spontaneously related to the software, our online support will help you quickly and easily.


Personal support on site with the Digital Coach

Our experts will help you to use the freight forwarding software optimally and sustainably.

The Digital Coach advises and supports your company intensively and personally in the application of our logistics software. One of our experts is there for you. He or she trains your employees and is available to answer questions and problems. This is the best way to prepare your company and employees for digitization.

These are your advantages:

  • The Digital Coach has an eye on the entire digital process of your company and takes into account the different levels of knowledge of your employees.
  • He or she considers company-specific requirements and shows you how to use the software optimally.

Use our logistics software successfully with training courses

We train you and your staff online, at your site, or in our training centers.

Only those who know all the functions of a software program can use it successfully. We help you to fully master our logistics software. The training consists of individual modules that you can put together according to your requirements.

Strengthen self-confidence

Well-communicated knowledge takes away the fear of new functions and new technology.

Motivate employees

When employees know the software well, they are motivated and engaged.

Increase acceptance

The more employees accept digital solutions, the more they will use them over the long term.


Recognize Potential - seize opportunities

In this workshop, we analyze the optimal use of our logistics software in your company.

In our workshop on potential, you can find out how your company can optimally use our logistics software and thereby reduce costs and improve processes. Together, we analyze the processes in your company and check how they can be mapped optimally to our freight forwarding software. So, you can use your full potential.


Problems with the software? We help you immediately

Our online support is quickly and easily available for you.

We help you with questions about the operation of the software or specific implementation problems. Using remote maintenance, one of our employees connects directly to your PC and helps you quickly and easily. To do this, you must have the "Teamviewer" software installed.

Our support hotline:
0911 / 89 18 80 - 0

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