Training on our
freight forwarding software

How to Ensure the Successful Use of Your Logistics Software

The practice-oriented training courses from cargo support will help you with this.

If you would like to…

  • master our software even better?
  • learn more or new program features?
  • support new employees during training?
  • get help with getting started with our software?

We will gladly help put together the appropriate training and materials for you. So that every employee gets exactly the training he or she needs.


Build up basic knowledge
Our training helps to quickly create a knowledge base to build on.

Strengthen self-confidence
Well-communicated knowledge takes away the fear of new functions and new technology.

Motivate employees
If you are familiar with the software, you will be more motivated and dedicated.

Increase acceptance
The more employees accept digital solutions, the more they will use them over the long term.

Our Training Courses at a Glance

We offer different training models – according to your needs.

Training at our locations

At the training locations in Nuremberg and Bielefeld, each participant has their own computer workstation available. The training sessions are conducted in small groups by qualified trainers. Each participant will receive detailed training materials and a certificate of attendance, which outlines the content of the training and learning objectives.

On-site training

Of course, all training can also be carried out at your company. The prerequisite is that suitable training or meeting rooms are available. For on-site training, special mobile training equipment is available:

  • Network (Hub with mobile internet access)
  • Prepared installation with practice database
  • Trainer workstation with server function

Combinable Training Modules

Module Name Duration
A1 Basic Module / Overview 1.5 days
A2 Data Acquisition / Administration 0.5 days
B1 Order Entry / Billing 1 day
B2 Billing / Rates 1 day
B3 Reports / Management 1 day
C1 Disposition 1 day
C2 Telematics / Digital Tachograph 0.5 days
D1 Pallet Management 1 day
E Archiving and Document Management 1 day
F Mobile Phone Telematics 1 day

The basic training offers a range of modules to choose from.

All modules are composed of these elements:

  • Knowledge transfer
  • Exercise examples
  • Test tasks

The duration of the training depends on the individual modules. Some modules can be combined with each other.

If there are more than 6 people, we recommend an additional assistant coach. The individual participants often have very different levels of previous knowledge. Two coaches can respond more effectively to a larger number of participants. This improves the success of the training.

Online Training

In our online training, as many employees of your company as possible are trained at the same time. Our trainer dials in online using a workstation via remote maintenance. He or she specifically addresses the questions of the participants and works on existing case studies. To enable the trainer to prepare, we coordinate the topics and the course in advance. You can choose topics and the number of participants according to your wishes and needs.

The duration of the training can be either 60 or 120 minutes.

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