cargo support training

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Schulungen für die Speditionssoftware bei cargo support

Would you like to manage our software even better? Would you like to learn further or new program functions? Are there new employees in your business who are supposed to be supported as they become familiar with the software? Or are you just starting with cargo support and would like to receive start-up support on how to operate and use the software? Then simply select the appropriate training variant and you're ready to go.

We achieve fast development of basic knowledge by means of practice-oriented training programs we avoid overstrained employees and thus strengthen the colleague´s self-confidence when dealing with the new software. This motivates to cooperate and serves for the acceptance of the new system. While compiling the training variants and training content we provide advice and assistance so that every employee receives exactly the right training.

At the training sites in Nuremberg and Bielefeld own workstations are available for each participant. The training be conducted in small groups by qualified trainers and each participant will receive detailed training materials and a certificate of attendance indicating training subjects and learning objectives.

Obviously all trainings can be carried out also on site at the customer premises. Prerequisite is that suitable training and/or meeting rooms are available. For this, special mobile training equipment is available.

  • Network (hub with mobile Internet access)
  • Prepared installation with practice database
  • 1 trainer workplace with server function

In the basic trainings, a whole series of modules are available for selection. All have a sophisticated system in common between knowledge transfer by the trainer, exercises for the participants and test tasks to control training achievements. The duration of the trainings depends on the individual modules. Depending on the module, several modules can be combined with each other:





Basic Module/Entire Overview

1,5 Days


Data Capture/Administration

0,5 Days


Order Entry/Invoicing

1 Day



1 Day



1 Day



1 Day


Telematics/Digital Tachograph

0,5 Days


Palette Management

1 Day


Archiving and Document Management

1 Day


Mobile Phone Telematics

1 Day

For participant groups of 6 or more an additional assistant trainer has proven his worth. Two trainers can respond better to the often very different skills of each participant and thus improve the training success of participants.


In our online trainings, many employees from the customer business are educated simultaneously. Via remote maintenance cargo support´s trainer establishes an online connection with a workplace computer. The duration of the training is either 60 or 120 minutes. Der Trainer geht dabei konkret auf die Fragen der Teilnehmer ein und kann mit ihnen vorhandene Fallbespiele bearbeiten. In order for the trainer to prepare himself, the desired subjects as well as the online teaching process are coordinated exactly in the preliminary stage. The topics and the number of participants can be selected individually.