Personal care
with the digital coach

Maximize the Success of your Logistics Software

Bring our expertise into your company - together we optimize the use of your software.

Clarify Questions
The Digital Coach clarifies questions where they arise - at work.

Wissen verankern
Die intensive Betreuung hilft dabei, die Software nachhaltig anzuwenden.

Akzeptanz schaffen
Nur wenn Mitarbeiter die Software gut kennen, nutzen sie sie auch optimal.

With modern logistics software in your company, you have taken the first step towards digitization. Your employees now have to make the most of the extensive software with its many options and make the best possible use of the software. The Digital Coach not only keeps an eye on the individual tasks, but also, he or she optimizes the interaction of the individual departments and thus keeps an eye on the entire digital process.


How you Benefit from the Digital Coach

On site, individually and holistically - these are your advantages.

Personal support on site:

One of our experts visits you regularly during a defined period and helps you directly in your company.


Adapted to your level of knowledge:

The Digital Coach takes into account the individual prior knowledge of your employees and can thus deepen existing knowledge and impart new knowledge.


Geared towards your company:

The support is based on the specific needs and requirements of your company for the use of the software.


Digital processes in view:

The Digital Coach not only trains you on individual processes and applications, but also includes your entire digital process chain.


This intensive support enables your employees to fully use the software. The Digital Coach does not present standardized training, but deals individually with the questions and problems of your employees. On site, he or she can best assess application cases and processes and pass on his or her knowledge in coordination with them. This is how to get the most out of the software.

Get Expert Knowledge into your Company

Invite the Digital Coach to your company now.


We are happy to advise you about timeframes and to explain the conditions.
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