cargo support [map & route] - with Map & Guide by PTV Group

Optimize your route planning

Routenplanung für Speditionen von cargo support mit Map and Guide

Map & Guide by PTV Group is the leading European software in the field of digital geography, transportation and traffic planning. Intelligent integration in the logistics software by cargo support results in a slew of added-value features that can be used for the optimization of respective business processes. And this from creating offers to order processing and subsequent evaluations for sales and marketing, operating segments of the company or generically for the management.


The benefits of integration range from displaying the current vehicle and staff positions over the display of several different orders and rides up to the possibility of route calculations without quotation or order creation. The fast entry mask in the dispatch scheme enables time-saving offer creation and calculations. Another advantage is the kilometre comparison of jobs and journeys in connection with different distance tables (for example: Map & Guide, EWS).

The MAP & GUIDE PTV XServer with the services and the maps is hosted by cargo support in Windows Azure and thus connects all its features to the advantages of a leading provider in the field of cloud services. The advantages for your company? Always current card material, more efficiency, a flexible and central platform with adaptation potential for the future and a centralized It control also with increasing end user accesses. And finally, for you, it means no in-house resource binding.

The benefits of PTV Map & Guide

  • Reliable planning of transports and tours taking into account official HAZMAT and truck restrictions
  • Accurate calculation of all costs at the outset, including toll costs and transport costs
  • Time-savings through optimizing trip sequences
  • Competitive advantages through corresponding CO2 reports
  • Avoiding billing differences by using Map & Guide, the accounting standard in the industry and logistics

Performance characteristics overview

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