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No matter, whether you are dissatisfied with your current logistics or shipping software or if you would like to establish an integrated software solution in your company for the first time – cargo support is exactly the right partner for you! With our logistics software cargo support [dispo] you choose a modern and successful market product, which does not only focus on the optimization of your internal processes but also on the connection of your partners and customers.

The platform technology of the logistic software allows integrating industry, department and even workspace based work environments and processes in a solution. And all this, without having to adjust the system. In addition to selecting their surfaces with a mouse click, users may also choose the field names themselves. If this should not suffice, available freely definable fields can be used in addition. Benefit from the consistent and continuous collaboration with our customers and start a successful system change, in which also freight forwarding software users are included optimally from the beginning on. The acceptance within a company stands or falls with the ability of implementing the user’s everyday requests concerning the software in a practical way and that they can be found and operated in the right place. This can be an automatically supported function to change a meeting

point in the disposition as well as automatic checking of the correct revenue and expense accounts in an order. These examples could be continued almost endlessly and lead again and again to the insight that many of the functions are only practicable because they have been created in close cooperation with our customers and their users. The majority of these clever features is continuously adopted by the standard version of cargo support´s forwarding software and is therefore also available to all other customers as part of regular updates or upgrades. This may be drawn multiple times per year as part of a valid maintenance and support contract. Within a valid maintenance and support contract these are available several times per year. Our clients receive a corresponding documentation about the respective changes and new features and can thus easily decide which of the new functions are interesting for their own business. 

All advantages at a glance

  • Continuous application of logistics software in the entire business
  • Simple surface adaptations for respective requests
  • Automation of many work steps and increase of the process quality
  • Time-savings by omission of manual or always recurring tasks
  • Cost-/utility estimation directly at order entry and disposition
  • Depiction of all real work steps and live work in day-to-day business
  • High investment security and rapid amortization of software investment

Performance characteristics overview

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