Freight forwarding software for
partial and complete loads

Rely on our individual solution for your logistics concepts

Our software for partial and complete loads considers your transport models and adapts to your processes.

Digitization does not stop at the transport sector. When it comes to partial and complete loads, it is more important than ever to keep track. Logistics and transport companies are expected to continuously reinvent themselves and offer innovative and personalized services. This is the only way to develop an advantage within the industry.

Good logistics software helps. With a variety of different transport models, it is not easy to find a suitable solution. Our strength: We consider individual transport models. With our solution, you do not have to adapt your processes to the logistics software. Our software can be individually tailored to your needs - user-friendly and consistently usable. Different modules and interfaces ensure that you get exactly the solution your company needs.



With cargo support, you not only bring comprehensive freight forwarding software into your company, but also, you get a strong partner who stands by your side on the way to the digital future. We do not see our logistics software as a finished product but are constantly working to improve it. For this, we are in close contact with our customers. For new demands on your company, we will work together to find a solution that can be mapped in the software.

The top features of our logistics software

With our solutions for partial and complete loads, you always keep track and save time and money.

Flexible modules for your individual success

Extend our logistics software according to your wishes and needs.

Document Management

Save time and money and simplify the archiving of your documents.

Reduce Costs

Digitize your documents and save paper, copies and space needed for extensive file collections.

Save Time

This module automatically archives outgoing documents and links all files in a job, thanks to barcode recognition. That’s how you find documents quickly.

Route Planning

Plan transports reliably, cost-consciously and with foresight.

Map & Guide

Maintain an overview by always knowing exactly where employees and vehicles are. The quick entry screen saves time when creating offers. Toll and truck restrictions are automatically taken into account.

Google Maps

Do you prefer to integrate Google Maps? No problem. The route planning module is also available with Google's map service.

Business Intelligence Solution

Quick and clear presentation of the key figures of your company.

Business Intelligence Boards

Our Business Intelligence solution enables you to control the enormous amount of data that is generated daily in cargo support [dispo]. With our BI Boards, you can transform your business data into visual representations so you can create personalized views of the KPIs for each department.

This solution is suitable for internal management and also for external customers who can display their own data via a web frontend.

Driver App

Improve mobile communication with your drivers.

Easy and inexpensive to install

The Driver App runs on a smartphone. You do not need to install anything in the vehicle - the driver app is therefore perfect for use with subcontractors and in rental vehicles.

Stay informed

You receive status messages directly on your screen and you can help with the remote maintenance function as if you were on-site.

Our interfaces facilitate cooperation

Quick and easy electronic data exchange with customers and service providers.

General cargo networks

Links management tools to general cargo networks, such as online system logistics, simplifies cooperation and creates transparency in retroactive accounting as well as complete tracking of consignments

Transport platforms

Data hubs like Transporeon are required for certain sales orders. Integration automates order import and status feedback.

Microsoft Exchange (in development)

The connection to Microsoft Exchange enables the data exchange between our logistics software and Outlook (contacts, appointments, tasks).

Financial Accounting

Easily transfer accounting data and incoming payments electronically to accounting systems.

Customer systems

Communicate simply and without paper with customers through the order interface.

Telematics provider

Keep track and integrate information related to traffic, staff and fleet.

This is how our software simplifies your transport processes

Use digitized and automated applications for your processes.
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