Freight forwarding software
for heavy load and crane logistics

The software solution that makes complicated things easy

Our logistics software simplifies complex procedures and processes for special transports.

The planning and scheduling of crane work, heavy load, large-capacity or precast concrete transports often involves many different parties. This poses great challenges for project planning and costing. Permits must be requested, road sections blocked and escorts arranged for transport. We at cargo support are experts in the logistics industry and have developed a software solution for special transports that makes this work easier.

The industry software from cargo support brings together the various subareas. It offers integrated solutions and functions that consolidate and simplify complicated procedures and processes. This helps you to assess the economic viability of a transport and to avoid underfunding. In this way, you can lead your business step by step into the digital future.


Our logistics software is flexible and can be customized. From different modules and interfaces, you can choose exactly the services that meet your needs.

The top features of our logistics software

With our solutions for heavy load and crane logistics, you always have an overview and save time and money.

Flexible modules for your individual success

Extend our logistics software according to your wishes and needs.

Document Management

Save time and money and simplify the archiving of your documents.

Reduce Costs

Digitize your documents and save paper, copies and space needed for extensive file collections.

Save Time

This module automatically archives outgoing documents and links all files in a job, thanks to barcode recognition. That’s how you find documents quickly.

Route Planning

Plan transports reliably, cost-consciously and with foresight.

Map & Guide

Maintain an overview by always knowing exactly where employees and vehicles are. The quick entry screen saves time when creating offers. Toll and truck restrictions are automatically taken into account.

Google Maps

Do you prefer to integrate Google Maps? No problem. The route planning module is also available with Google's map service.

Business Intelligence Solution

Quick and clear presentation of the key figures of your company.

Business Intelligence Boards

Our Business Intelligence solution enables you to control the enormous amount of data that is generated daily in cargo support [dispo]. With our BI Boards, you can transform your business data into visual representations so you can create personalized views of the KPIs for each department.

This solution is suitable for internal management and also for external customers who can display their own data via a web frontend.

Driver App

Improve mobile communication with your drivers.

Easy and inexpensive to install

The Driver App runs on a smartphone. You do not need to install anything in the vehicle - the driver app is therefore perfect for use with subcontractors and in rental vehicles.

Stay informed

You receive status messages directly on your screen and you can help with the remote maintenance function as if you were on-site.

The Future of Disposition: LiveDispo

Relieve your dispatchers and ensure better utilization of your fleet.

LiveDispo is a software solution for automated, dynamic and predictive planning of multimodal transport. This software solution shows in real time the effects of current events on current and future sections and connections. The dispatcher can see at a glance how the planned arrival and departure times are impacted by traffic jams, traffic controls or delays in loading and unloading. So, he or she can react in advance to anything that happens during the transport.

See delays in real time and react dynamically.

Automatically check alternative time windows and get suggested solutions.

Automatically take into account driving and rest times, cut-off times and timetables.


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Our interfaces facilitate cooperation

Exchange electronic data with customers, service providers and authorities quickly and easily.


Nationwide interface for online processing of the application and approval process for large and heavy transport.


Customer Systems

Simple and paperless communication with customers through an order interface.


Financial Accounting

Transfer accounting data and incoming payments electronically to accounting systems.


Telematics Provider

Keep track and integrate information about driver and vehicle data.



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