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We offer you the right software for the transport of transit, import or export containers.

The future of container logistics is digital. The subdivision of the processes between seaports and inland ports, clients and freight forwarders and between the various modes of transport dissolves. Digitization brings together what was previously separate. In the container industry, the slot booking procedure at the port of Hamburg, extended interfaces to shipowners and customers, as well as the processing of intermodal status and transport information exemplify this. Digitization will continue to progress. At the same time, scarce resources, such as drivers and dispatchers, require a new approach to the existing corporate structure.

With cargo support, you can rely on a strong partner who accompanies you on your way to the digital future. With our logistics software, we offer more than just a software solution. We are at home in the container industry and have acquired expertise through years of collaboration with large and small clients. When new concepts are developed, we sit together at the table and set standards for the industry. We get involved and pass this knowledge on to our customers.


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Our logistics software depicts all processes involved in the transport of a container - step by step. With it you can automate processes and digitally process inquiries, offers and calculations. You always keep track of containers, locations and orders. With our help, you not only digitize individual areas, but your entire process chain. This will save you time and improve the quality of your work.

Our logistics software is flexible and can be customized. From different modules and interfaces, you can put together exactly the software package that suits your needs.

The top features of our logistics software

With our solutions for the container industry, you always keep track and save time and money.

Flexible modules for your individual success

Extend our logistics software according to your wishes and needs.

Document Management

Save time and money and simplify the archiving of your documents.

Reduce Costs

Digitize your documents and save paper, copies and space needed for extensive file collections.

Save Time

This module automatically archives outgoing documents and links all files in a job, thanks to barcode recognition. That’s how you find documents quickly.

Route Planning

Plan transports reliably, cost-consciously and with foresight.

Map & Guide

Maintain an overview by always knowing exactly where employees and vehicles are. The quick entry screen saves time when creating offers. Toll and truck restrictions are automatically taken into account.

Google Maps

Do you prefer to integrate Google Maps? No problem. The route planning module is also available with Google's map service.

Business Intelligence Solution

Quick and clear presentation of the key figures of your company.

Business Intelligence Boards

Our Business Intelligence solution enables you to control the enormous amount of data that is generated daily in cargo support [dispo]. With our BI Boards, you can transform your business data into visual representations so you can create personalized views of the KPIs for each department.

This solution is suitable for internal management and also for external customers who can display their own data via a web frontend.

Driver App

Improve mobile communication with your drivers.

Easy and inexpensive to install

The Driver App runs on a smartphone. You do not need to install anything in the vehicle - the driver app is therefore perfect for use with subcontractors and in rental vehicles.

Stay informed

You receive status messages directly on your screen and you can help with the remote maintenance function as if you were on-site.

The Future of Disposition: LiveDispo

Relieve your dispatchers and ensure better utilization of your fleet.

Container shipping companies have to plan very early on when a truck will arrive in the port of Hamburg to reach the pre-booked slot. Any change, such as longer load times or traffic jams, means that the tour has to be completely redesigned. With LiveDispo in conjunction with the automatic slot booking and the Driver App, available slots are booked independently by the software. The current status of all containers displays in real time on an interactive MRP plan. In the event of delays, the software automatically rebooks to later slots.

See delays in real time and react dynamically.

Automatically check alternative time windows and get suggested solutions.

Automatically take into account driving and rest times, cut-off times and timetables.


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Our interfaces facilitate cooperation

Quick and easy electronic data exchange with customers and service providers.

Port of Hamburg

Reduce waiting times through slot booking procedures and electronic pre-registration for empty container depots.

Port of Wilhelmshaven

Electronic advance notification with BIT-PA (Business Integration and Tracking Pre-Announcement).

TallyTech / SOLAS

Receive the certified weighing protocols quickly and digitally.

Financial Accounting

Easily transfer accounting data and incoming payments electronically to accounting systems.

Customer systems

Communicate simply and without paper with customers through the order interface.

Telematics provider

Keep track and integrate information related to traffic, staff and fleet.

cargo support supports you along the entire process chain

We are agile in the market environment and are in discussion with all participants. Use our expert knowledge for your processes.

In the container industry, there is a lot of catching up to do when it comes to digitization. Many processes are still driven manually or often only digitized from the point of view of the respective process partner. Slowly, a rethinking is taking place and now it starts to move forward with giant strides. Ports, operators and terminals are adjusting their operations and freight forwarders and carriers have to follow suit.

With our software solution, you keep pace with this rapidly advancing digitization. We are agile in the market environment and are involved when new solutions are developed. We support you as an expert in digitizing your entire process chain with the help of our software.

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