Logistics software for larger businesses and groups

Better communication and automated work processes

Already in its standard version, the logistics software supports cargo support [dispo] continuous functions that can be adapted to individual terms and conditions flexibly. The platform technology of the software allows to integrate industry, department and even workspace based work environments and processes in a solution. Perfectly coordinated functions and modules enable a high automation degree within the entire value-added chain.


In addition to selecting their surfaces with a mouse click, users may also choose the field names themselves. If this is not sufficient, there are still freely definable fields available. Depending on the request, almost all functions can be expanded by simply integrating scripts. Where scripts are insufficient, functions can be programmed individually for you and this way, your process workflow can be depicted within the software 1:1. Standardized interfaces enable smooth Data exchange with third-party systems such as telematics and

accounting. The modules "Communication Event Center" (including Track & Trace), "Electronic Document Transfer" and the mobile solution cargo support [mobile] automate the work processes and improve the communication with all parties involved in the transport. Our archiving solution (a connection to existing document management systems is also possible) and special industries modules such as container industry complete the offer.

All advantages at a glance

  • You improve your resource utilization (employees, movable property and equipment) and maintenance
  • They optimize the processes to track and control in the logistic cycle
  • You gain better control of your transport and operating costs
  • You integrate your internal and external systems more closely
  • Based on market and customer data that received in real time, you decide quickly and soundly.

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