Software for the container industry

All for the transport of a trans-ship, import or export container

Speditionssoftware Schwerpunkt Containerlogistik

Whether local traffic, distance traffic, port tours, hinterland traffic, intermodal or Multimodal traffic we are at home in the container industry and offer software for container logistics. Our clients come from all sectors of container transports and have thus built up expert knowledge over the years.


With customary standard software it is difficult to represent the numerous peculiarities of container traffic optimally. With our logistics software for container shipping, you are certainly already on the safe side. Together with well-known container carriers we have developed industry software that step by step maps each process concerning the transport of a trans-ship, import or export containers optimally in the software and does not only save time, but also increases your quality standards. Advance notice of waiting times via e-mail from the software, the special requests of the container

transport are presented. Waiting times at the port of Hamburg? Passé if you use our TR02 interface. Problems and waiting times at the customs clearance? We have an interface to the certified customs solution ZODIAK. Track & Trace? No problem. You work with subcontractors and want to improve communication with drivers? Use our mobile phone telematics and keep the overview. Receive status messages directly on your screen. Your drivers can print out documents you sent directly in the vehicle.

All advantages at a glance

  • Simple and time-saving entry, handling and settlement of bulk container orders
  • Transparent representation of container transports (reception – provision – return / multistop / decoupling and changing)
  • Simple and clear disposition of all sectors and transport modes (street, intermodal, ship)
  • Data of the delivery chain in real time (Track & Trace)
  • Fully integrated notification and processing of waiting / downtimes
  • Interfaces and data communication to customers, terminals and depots

Special functions for the container industry

  • Fast offer creation (reception and return at different harbors and/or depots)
  • Simple and time-saving calculation of distribution prices
  • Comprehensive rate structure for automated pricing with all-in-price function
  • Parallel use of different distance tables (EWS, Map & Guide, customized distance tables e.g. Transfracht)
  • Automatic trans-ship, import and export order settlement
  • Simple entry of the container number directly in the order and dispatching scheme
  • Verifying the correctness of the registered container number
  • Any number of loading and unloading points for each trip (multi stop: Customs x-ray etc.)
  • Unlimited sectors and transportation modes for each container order
  • Collective order function: For contracts consisting of several containers, the container number can be entered and orders are generated and numbered automatically. The container data can be copied simply by "copying and inserting" out of Excel into the container lists.
  • Offer & price list (when entering a prenotified order it will be automatically deleted when the correct order will be created)*
  • Function to find matching combination possibilities for 20´container
  • Rotation function with regard to different use cases *
  • Combine tours (visibly represent the combined tours)
  • Coupling and uncoupling function (if desired with strict control of chassis)
  • arbor exemption request (via Internet portal)
  • Automated notification (CPA, T1, etc.) directly in the dispatching scheme
  • Port- and customs interfaces (TR02 V14, ZODIAK interface)*
  • Track & Trace with automated messages at all participants*
  • Send e-mail from the dispatching scheme to customers, freight carrier, etc.
  • Direct entry of additional costs for customers into the dispatching scheme
  • Prenotify waiting times/overtime via email
  • Calculate waiting times/overtime based on recorded times automatically
  • When invoicing, take into account waiting times/overtime automatically
*The features marked with asterisk are not included in the standard scope

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