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For interfaces to really make everyday life easier, they have to be intelligent. They have to offer more than just a data transfer. Because often important information is in free text fields and would otherwise have to be laboriously found and manually processed by the employees afterwards.

We'll put an end to that. If we offer an interface, then it can do more. Together with the respective client, we analyze which data can be delivered in which form and at what level of quality. Using the example of a multi-stop in container logistics, this means: How are the stops transmitted? How is the order displayed? How is the type of multi-stop, such as customs or veterinary inspection office, represented?

This analysis is used to define which data must be taken over directly and which data must be enriched or interpreted for further processing. The aim is always that the data can be transferred to cs JOB automatically as far as this is possible.


cs HUB/Order

Our order interfaces

Bezeichnung Typ Status
Cargosoft Logistik-Software In Vorbereitung
CMA CGM Reeder In Vorbereitung
Eurogate Intermodal (EGIM) Terminalbetreiber Verfügbar
Hapag-Lloyd Reeder In Vorbereitung
Maersk Reeder In Vorbereitung
Metrans Operator In Vorbereitung
MSC Reeder In Vorbereitung
Transfracht (TFG) Operator Verfügbar
TX Logistik (TX) Operator Verfügbar

Thanks to years of experience with interface programming and support, the order interfaces offer a secure way of transmitting data. By expanding the pure data import to include a variety of logic, the data is not only made available in a structured manner, but also qualitatively prepared for easy transfer to cs JOB. This saves the employees a great deal of manual processing.

These are your advantages:

  • Self-learning interfaces mean less effort
  • Increase in data quality through automated processes
  • Reduction of effort during order entry through automated data exchange
  • Reduction of the effort involved in processing updates for order data that has already been transmitted
  • Reduction of expenses in the invoicing department through automated clearing

cs HUB/Port

Our port interfaces
Bezeichnung Typ Status
Elektronische Voranmeldung (Hamburg) Port Verfügbar
Slotbuchung (Hamburg) Port Verfügbar
Elektronische Voranmeldung (Bremerhaven) Port In Vorbereitung
Elektronische Voranmeldung (Wilhelmshaven) Port In Vorbereitung
Solas (Tally Tech) VGM Verfügbar

Time slot booking has been integrated at the three container terminals of Hamburger Hafen und Lagerhaus AG (HHLA) and the terminals of Eurogate and Eurokombi for around two years. The empty container depots C. Steinweg (Süd-West Terminal), Hamburger Container Service (HCS), Container Maintenance Repair Hamburg (CMR) and Progeco, as well as the veterinary inspection office and the customs office are also connected to the system. Our automatic time slot booking system reserves and books available time slots independently and shows the current status of all containers in real time on an interactive dispo plan.

These are your advantages:

  • Automated electronic pre-registration with tour plan registration
  • Automated grouping of combined containers at the terminal
  • Automatic calculation of the necessary time slot window
  • Automatic request, booking and exchange of time slots

cs HUB/Invoice

Our billing interfaces
Bezeichnung Typ Status
Tradeshift (K+N) Plattform Verfügbar
ZUGFeRD Format Verfügbar

With the billing interfaces, you meet the shippers’ requirements for automated billing processes.

These are your advantages:

  • Increased efficiency and reduced costs through the elimination of the manual processing of paper invoices
  • Reduced administrative effort thanks to direct integration into your invoice verification processes
  • Higher accuracy and data quality through invoices available online that are created directly by our operational systems
  • Transparency and time savings in the invoice verification and payment process
  • Compliance with all legal requirements by providing original invoices
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