Transparency and Control
Over Your Transport Orders

How you can Relieve Your Dispatchers

Automated transport planning and real time disposition

Scheduling via drag & drop, taking into account all dates and opening times.

Inform your customers automatically about truck arrival times and reduce waiting times.

Automated change of subsequent tours in case of changed arrival times due to traffic jams etc.

With LiveDispo, dispatchers get a smart tool for both the automated and predictive planning of transports and for monitoring during transport. LiveDispo shows the effects of current events on current and future sections and connecting transports in real-time.




The smart tool for the automated
and predictive planning of transports

The dispatcher can see at a glance how the planned arrival and departure times are changing due to traffic jams, traffic controls or delays in loading and unloading and whether quick action is required. LiveDispo offers concrete solutions at an early stage and noticeably relieves the dispatchers. Despite extensive automation, people can intervene in the processes at any time and make decisions.

The forecasts about the further course of the transports are based primarily on the tracking data of the connected driver app and the real-time calculations of the integrated route optimization system PTV xServer.

  • LiveDispo controls the entire transport including all sections and modes of transport
  • Takes into account cut-off times and timetables for shipping companies, railways and airlines
  • Takes into account driving and rest times, delivery dates and agreed time windows

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