cs JOB -
The Heart of our
Logistics Suite

cs JOB for Intelligent Digitization

The transport management system for the entire process chain

Digitization in logistics means generating and processing structured logistical data. Be it related to interface management, multi-client capability and intercompany processing, or simply about mapping the reality of orders.

And what we write so casually here is the greatest difficulty faced by software providers. Because the reality of orders and journeys is complicated. Translating these 1:1 into software and making the data usable is our unique selling point. We call it our "driving model". Here we work with a so-called 1:n model. In cs JOB, for example, any number of jobs can be added to an order, should there be a detour or should the tour be split. That is the basis of all automation. Because only if reality is digitally mapped in this way, can one speak of a digital twin. However, this can only succeed if the software has an appropriate structure and the associated tools.


The Functionality of the Transport Management Software cs JOB

cs JOB is the heart of cs CONNECT, the market-leading freight forwarding software for transport and logistics

Our freight forwarding software solution supports the entire process from the preparation of offers to billing. It helps you optimize internal processes and supports the connection to customers and partners. cs JOB is the heart of the forwarding software cs CONNECT. ss JOB is complemented by the scheduling solution cs PLAN for the automated, dynamic and predictive planning of your transports. There are also applications such as cs MAP, our route planning module, or cs COM, our cross-departmental communication center. cs HUB is new – it is our module for efficient data management. This enables you to meet your customers' demands for end-to-end digitization and transparency.



Digital order management

Whether interface or quick entry

Resource management

Including component management for components


With continuous intercompany processing


Evaluation and analysis of all key figures


Whether billing according to flat rates or tariffs

Human resource management

Vacations, sick days, appointments


The Digital Twin

Intelligent automation based on continuous processes

If the real work steps can be consistently mapped in software, unwanted system breaks and known parallel systems such as Excel & Co. are a thing of the past. Because only if the real processes are represented 1:1 in the software, can one speak of a "digital twin". The digital twin is the basis for the actual automation of the processes from order acceptance to scheduling to billing, which leads to efficiency gains and cost reductions.

We enable structured logistical data for the entire process:

  • Next generation interfaces for a higher level of automation
  • Automatically identify and add missing order data
  • Automated data synchronization with continuous intercompany processing
  • Complete integration of all process participants

Frequent Questions

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No it can't. cs JOB is the heart of our freight forwarding solution cs CONNECT. Together with cs PLAN and cs COM, the modules form the basis of the Logistics Suite.

The unique selling point of cargo support's freight forwarding software is our trip model.

Our software for transport and logistics takes your transport models into account and adapts to your processes.

Yes, our software for freight forwarding and logistics is multi-client capable with end-to-end intercompany processing.

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