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Let's go: Digitization at its best

Our freight forwarding software solution supports the entire process from the proposal preparation to the dispatching to the billing. It helps you to optimise internal processes and supports the connection to customers and partners.

  • Digitalised mapping of all real work steps in day-to-day business
  • Full cost control through dynamic evaluation of contribution margins
  • Maintain an overview thanks to customisable interfaces according to requirements
  • Flexible combination of individual components according to your needs


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Das Icon für cs PLAN, dem Modul für das Disponieren für Speditionen und Transportunternehmen. cs PLAN

Our Dispo Cockpit with real-time integration

With the customisable scheduling software, you can see everything at a glance. In separate list views, exactly the data and tours that are important for you can be displayed on different monitors. And as a communication centre, communication with drivers and external systems, for example slot booking or customs systems, is integrated also.

Through the integration of real-time data, you have control and an optimal overview at all times. Order-related communication, map display with Map & Guide or Google Maps as well as the display of fleet status and driving and rest times enable time and nerve-saving dispatching.

  • Relaxed employees
  • Control and overview
  • Time-saving scheduling

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Main advantages

Driving digitization forward

All data and tours are displayed digitally and clearly. Disposition by drag & drop with sequence optimisation and taking into account all time windows and opening hours.

Clever industry features

Whether train planning for intermodal transports or component planning for heavy load logistics - we have industry-specific functions that make work easier.

Communication centre

Communication with drivers and external systems at the touch of a button and in real time. Transmit orders and tours to the drivers at the click of a mouse. Receive information and status data back digitally.



Ansicht der live Disposition in Echtezit der Logistiksoftware von cargo support


The dispatcher can see at a glance how the planned arrival and departure times change due to traffic jams, traffic controls or delays in loading and unloading and whether quick intervention is required. LiveDispo offers concrete solution suggestions at an early stage and noticeably relieves the dispatchers. Despite extensive automation, humans can still intervene in the processes and make decisions at any time.

The forecasts about the further course of the transports are primarily based on the tracking data of the connected driver app as well as the real-time calculations of the integrated route optimisation system PTV xServer.

  • LiveDispo controls the entire transport with all sub-routes and modes of transport.
  • Consideration of cut-off times and schedules of shipping companies, railway companies and airlines
  • Consideration of driving and rest times, delivery dates and agreed time windows

Use of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is seen as the panacea on the road to end-to-end process automation. However, AI reaches its limits when it comes to scheduling long-distance truck tours lasting several days, because the imponderables of the road cannot be predicted with certainty. Nevertheless, sensible solutions can be realised on the basis of practical experience that greatly simplify dispatching.

The shortage of skilled workers and the increasing complexity of daily business require new approaches and digital concepts in dispatching. The need for experienced dispatchers is beyond question, because complex logistical processes ultimately require decisions that depend on countless criteria. With the help of AI, however, dispatchers are increasingly being relieved of this burden.

We will present concrete solutions for individual sectors in 2023.

Main functions


  • Dispatchingvia drag & drop
  • Autodispo
  • Dispatching in gaps
  • Pre-disposition according to dispatch pots
  • Trip and consignment splitting
  • Planning of wagons and trains
  • Component planning
  • Consideration of all appointments and opening times
  • Manage appointments in cs PLAN


  • Transmission of tours and orders
  • Actual time/status feedback
  • Chat functionality
  • Data exchange of photos and documents

Intelligent integration into cs CONNECT

  • Add order data
  • Change order data
  • Notification of orders
  • Notification of trips
  • E-mail dispatch
  • Add additional costs directly in cs PLAN
  • Print various forms

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The cargo support product family is constantly growing and the individual products are becoming more and more comprehensive.
There are so many great functions within our software that are clever, save time and make everyday work easier.
Here we have pre-filtered videos on the topic of order entry and invoicing for you.

Technical information

Information for the application of the
Software family cs CONNECT



cs CONNECT runs on Microsoft Windows terminals that support .NET 4.8 or higher. These can be run in the local network as a PC or virtualised as a terminal server. Operation in the cloud and access via RDP or Citrix are also possible.


cs CONNECT can be used on one or more application servers running in a cluster, depending on the requirements. The AppServers run under Microsoft Windows and .NET 4.8 or higher as a service. In addition, REDIS as KeyValueStore and RabbitMQ as message-broker are installed on the servers. The application servers can be operated on local hardware, in VMs or in the cloud.


MySQL serves as the database. MySQL belongs to Oracle and is a powerful and cost-effective database. It can be operated on local hardware, in the cloud or as an Azure service (or AWS etc.). For site networking, clustering and security, MySQL offers real-time replication of data across many servers.

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