The digital POD:
Safe thanks to Blockchain

Drive Away From Your Competition

Reduce staffing rates, minimize empty runs and operate contact-free

Our  digital proof of delivery ensures that the data is returned quickly at the end of the transport chain - and makes the entire process much more transparent and economical. Because our  digital POD is based on blockchain technology, which reliably protects against manipulation.
With a digital POD from cargo support, you can meet the future requirements of shippers today and you are way ahead of the competition.


More Orders

Rely on the digital waybill and gain a decisive advantage when placing orders.

Less Costs

Your entire transport and billing process is much more efficient and economical.

Proven Solution

Whether container logistics or partial and full loads - we have implemented the digital waybill in both industries.

More Success With Tenders

Rely on our solution for the digital POD. This means you are future-proof and at the forefront of tenders.

They meet the requirements of the major shippers and a central requirement of demanding clients: to receive the POD promptly after delivery - in digital form, with a binding signature and with all relevant information. You position yourself as a modern, future-oriented transport company - an image boost and a clear competitive advantage. Because the future of logistics is digital.



A Real Economic Win Too

The digital waybill makes your entire transport and billing process much more efficient and economical.

Lean Processes
You lower your staff quota and minimize empty runs.


Process acceleration leads to faster billing and improved cash flow.


Save paper and thus also save CO2.

The digital POD facilitates correct data entry and, unlike the printed waybill, you can process it directly in the system. The simple handling by the drivers and the multilingual workflow process also ensure the seamless recording of delivery obstacles and waiting times. This saves you time-consuming and costly rework in the back office. There is also no need for expensive empty truck runs to hand over conventional waybills to the office, as well as printing and paper costs.

Easily and Quickly via Smartphone and App

Thanks to full integration with the forwarding software cs JOB.

Whether the driver should use a digital proof of delivery, interchange or other document in the app, at the loading or unloading point, is controlled via the settings in the document matrix in the forwarding software cs JOB. At this point, the specifications for the document types, waypoints and, for example, the type of verification can be set. The required accompanying documents for each loading point and customer are also stored here.

Incidentally, the full integration of the driver app into the shipping software is an enormous advantage: You gain process reliability and the quality of the data increases.


Absolutely Secure Thanks to Blockchain Technology

Data manipulation excluded.

We have reliably solved the high security requirements for the transport of goods worth millions. Together with leading logisticians, we have defined a consistently secure process for everything to do with the digital waybill - which prevents manipulation based on a legally secure blockchain.

And this is how it works:

  • All data and files are hashed at the time of collection and these hash values are written to a blockchain.
  • In this way, the encrypted mirror image of the actual files is documented in such a way that it cannot be changed.
  • This means that the authenticity of the file or the date can be determined and confirmed at a later point in time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read about the most important topics in the overview

The digital POD is absolutely secure thanks to blockchain technology. This means that any data manipulation is impossible.

The hash values ​​are checked and compared at

The workflow of the driver app can be adjusted so that the driver is shown exactly the documents that were preset in the settings of the forwarding software cs Job, depending on the loading or unloading point.

The cargo support driver app is available in more than 20 languages. This ensures that everything is recorded correctly, even with foreign drivers. But that's not all. Information text and data content can be easily translated online into the desired language using the integrated translation function.

Yes you can. In addition to the preset dispatch scheme, you can also specify other recipients.

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