Efficient Data Management
with cs HUB

Software for Automated Communication

In this way you can meet your customers' demands for end-to-end digitization and transparency.

cs HUB is a new tool for convenient data integration. It combines a large number of interfaces and options in a single software product. Whether order import, feedback from track & trace data, or invoice export to clients, or the slot booking procedure with the electronic advance notification in the Port of Hamburg. cs HUB automates the communication between the IT systems of customers, terminals, subcontractors and transport platforms and our own logistics ERP system cs CONNECT.

Data integration has never been so easy. With the interfaces of cs HUB, you not only meet the demands of your customers for end-to-end digitization and transparency, but also, you save your employees valuable working time.

  • Use the automated data exchange and relieve your employees.
  • Digital transparency is standard today. Offer the best service to your customers.
  • The more processes you implement digitally, the more time you will save.
  • Interfaces on demand - well positioned for the future.

In order for interfaces to save time and provide an information advantage, in addition to the pure transfer of orders, it is not enough to just transfer the data in a structured form. Because often important information such as multi-stops, dangerous goods information or unhitching specifications are in free text fields and thus lead to time-consuming rework even if the transfer is simple. And not only when the orders are imported for the first time, but also with every order update. The advantages mentioned above can only be achieved with the help of intelligent processing of the data through conversion, matching and data manipulation.

Continuous digitization of your orders up to the delivery point.

Complete information on the delivery status for the client.

No data acquisition nor manual transmission of delivery receipts for the carrier.

No investments in expensive interfaces, but billing per transaction.

No long waits for programming, quick implementation.

React faster - to changing requirements of your customers.

With cs HUB, the tool for data management from cargo support, you are ideally positioned. We not only handle the processing of your data, but also coordinate with your interface partners.

Data Exchange with Customers and Service Providers

We offer users of our shipping software cs CONNECT powerful interfaces on demand to the IT systems of customers, terminals, subcontractors and transport platforms. You will find a selection in the overview.

cs HUB

Order Interfaces Container Logistics

Bezeichnung Typ Status
Cargosoft Logistik-Software In Vorbereitung
CMA CGM Reeder In Vorbereitung
Eurogate Intermodal (EGIM) Terminalbetreiber Verfügbar
Hapag-Lloyd Reeder In Vorbereitung
Maersk Reeder In Vorbereitung
Metrans Operator In Vorbereitung
MSC Reeder In Vorbereitung
Transfracht (TFG) Operator Verfügbar
TX Logistik (TX) Operator Verfügbar

Order Interfaces Partial and Complete Loads

Bezeichnung Typ Status
Transporeon Logistikplattform Verfügbar
Online System Logistik (OSL) Transportnetzwerk Verfügbar
Gerolsteiner Verlader Verfügbar
Adelholzener Verlader Verfügbar
Reis (Möbel) Verlader Verfügbar
Ophelis (Möbel) Verlader Verfügbar
Beckermann (Möbel) Verlader Verfügbar
Netto Verlader Verfügbar

cs HUB

Track & Trace

Bezeichnung Typ Status
CMA CGM (Fourkites) Reeder verfügbar
Expeditors Dienstleister Verfügbar
Maersk Reeder Verfügbar
Synfioo Transportplattform Verfügbar

Transparency for Your Customers in Real-time

All information along the transport chain is expertly prepared for your customers.
This is how automated communication works:

  • Status data (locations, ETA times)
  • Order information (container number, waiting times, weight)
  • Documents (proof of delivery, invoices)

cs HUB

Billing Details

Bezeichnung Typ Status
Tradeshift (K+N) Plattform Verfügbar
ZUGFeRD Format Verfügbar

Invoices are Going Digital

With the billing interfaces, you meet the shippers’ requirement
for automated billing processes.

cs HUB


Bezeichnung Typ Status
Elektronische Voranmeldung (Hamburg) Port Verfügbar
Slotbuchung (Hamburg) Port Verfügbar
Elektronische Voranmeldung (Bremerhaven) Port In Vorbereitung
Elektronische Voranmeldung (Wilhelmshaven) Port In Vorbereitung
Solas (Tally Tech) VGM Verfügbar

Automated Time Slot Booking at the Terminal

Always the right time slot at the right time, with minimal effort:

  • Automated electronic pre-registration with tour plan registration
  • Automated grouping of combined containers at the terminal
  • Automatic calculation of the necessary time slot window
  • Automatic request, booking and exchange of slots

cs HUB

Telematics Systems

Bezeichnung Typ Status
YellowFox Anbieter Verfügbar
Fleetboard Anbieter Verfügbar
TomTom Telematics Anbieter Verfügbar
Transics Anbieter Verfügbar
Vehco Anbieter Verfügbar

The Direct Line

Integration of the following data into the forwarding solution cs CONNECT:

  • Locations
  • Remaining driving times on a daily and weekly basis
  • Driver activities for the expense report

cs HUB

Accounting Systems

Bezeichnung Typ Status
DATEV Anbieter Verfügbar
Diamant Anbieter Verfügbar
Sage Anbieter Verfügbar
SAP Anbieter Verfügbar
Schilling Anbieter Verfügbar

Connection of Accounting Systems

Tried and tested interface from invoicing to the various accounting systems.

Das sagen unsere Kunden

Diese Unternehmen haben wir bereits überzeugt:
cargo support unterstützt uns, den ständig wechselnden Herausforderungen des Marktes professionell zu begegnen. Ohne zeitnahe Reaktionen unseres Partners wären wir kaum in der Lage, Kundenanforderungen und Transporte weitgehend zeitgerecht und qualitativ wertig zu erfüllen.
Dirk Graszt
Dirk Graszt
GDH Transport und Containerlogistik GmbH
cargo support hilft uns die Geschäftsprozesse zu automatisieren und ist ein wichtiger Baustein für die weitere Entwicklung unseres Unternehmens.
Ralph Frankenstein
Ralph Frankenstein
CTD Container-Transport-Dienst GmbH
Mit cargo support dispo können wir im Sinne von Logistik 4.0 sämtliche Prozesse digitalisieren und damit unseren manuellen Aufwand minimieren.
Thomas Rilling
Thomas Rilling
Die realtime Kundenanbindungen in Verbindung mit der cargo support eigenen Fahrer-App ermöglichen uns, unseren Kunden innovative und effizienteste Logistiklösungen anzubieten.
Dr. Martin Ahnefeld
Dr. Martin Ahnefeld
Ahnefeld Möbel-Logistik GmbH
Mit der Nutzung von cargo support können wir mit gleicher Personalstärke im Auftragsmanagement überdurchschnittlich mehr Aufträge abarbeiten als zuvor.
Markus Schmid
Leitung Geschäftsleitung
Schmid Transport und Spedition GmbH & Co. KG
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