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cs DRIVE – The Professional App for Your Drivers and Subcontractors

With positioning, message exchange and order management

The driver app cs DRIVE is a cost-effective telematics solution for the smooth exchange of information between the driver and the control center. The app contains the basic functions of telematics including location, Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), message exchange and order management.
With cs DRIVE, all logistical processes can be mapped from collection to transshipment to delivery of the shipments. Information flows between the vehicle and the dispatcher in real-time and ensures maximum transparency about current events: GPS position, electronic delivery note, customer signature, status reports, photo function and much more. The app has a modular structure and can be expanded with building blocks (individual workflows).

  • Mobile device in the vehicle for more flexibility and inexpensive equipment for subcontractors
  • No complex interface implementation
  • Call up your preferred navigation app (e.g. Sygic) and hand over the destination address for direct route planning
  • Scheduling by the driver (pulling a tour)
  • Automatic arrival and departure notification based on the location in the predefined geofence area
  • No double entry of your master data, such as drivers or vehicles
  • Simplified communication between dispatchers and drivers thanks to the integrated chat function
  • Mobile order management in more than 25 languages

No Double Entry or Additional Work

Full integration into the freight forwarding solution cs CONNECT

The transfer of the tour to the driver's app is done very easily with a click of the mouse in the disposition in cs PLAN. In addition to the stops, all important order data and important driving instructions can be transferred. Without additional effort nor double entries for the dispatcher. If order data changes or if an order has to be dispatched to a different driver, the driver is immediately informed of the changes. Additional options, such as the electronic delivery note in connection with the digital signature, including blockchain technology, enable paperless processing. The cs DRIVE app enables the ongoing exchange of information between the vehicle and the dispatcher in real time.

Flyer cs DRIVE
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The Features at a Glance

The driver app is part of the cs CONNECT Logistics Software Suite

Order and status transmission without double entry nor additional work.

GPS location and tracking for the current locations of your vehicles.

Status reports inform your drivers and dispatchers about the current progress of the tour.

Photo function for documenting load securing, damage or scanning of the signed original receipts.

Chat function for order-related communication between dispatcher and driver.

Easy transfer to the preferred navigation app and transfer of the destination address.


An app is only as good as it is used by the drivers. Many drivers now come from other countries and in some cases only work for the company for a limited time. There is often a lack of interest or time for extensive training. Language barriers between dispatcher and driver are also the order of the day. We have therefore taken great care to ensure that the application is user-friendly for all users and that many work steps are carried out without intervention by the driver. For example, the status change takes place automatically by using the geofence function.

Workflow Designer

Individual building blocks for your success

Do you have individual requirements? No problem! You can choose from a wide range of practical building blocks (bricks) and let us configure the workflows individually according to your ideas and requirements. We support you in digitizing your tasks. This will make your processes as efficient as possible. We have developed a large number of modules for you. Contact us! The following bricks are available, for example:



Digital Proof of Delivery (POD) : Secure Thanks to Blockchain

For many logisticians, blockchain technology is still a book with seven seals, but now cargo support is bringing the digital POD into play

A problem, especially with broken transports with several participants, is the return of documents at the end of the transport chain. If necessary, receipts find their way back to the sender with a delay or not at all. Information gets stuck with one of the carriers involved or can no longer be assigned to the customer.
The solution to the problem is the forgery-proof digital Proof of Delivery (POD) - and this is where the blockchain comes in. It ensures that no order data can be manipulated at any interface in the event of broken traffic with several participants.

These are the advantages:

  • Time savings through the digital document process
  • Environmental benefit through reduced paper consumption
  • Immediate return of the Proof of Delivery (POD) to the client 




Frequently Asked Questions

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We support all Android smartphones from version 5.1.

Go to the Google Play Store and enter “cs DRIVE” as the search term. Then select the "cs DRIVE" app from the list. The app is downloaded and installed on your smartphone using the “Install” button.

No, there are costs for using the app. See also our price list.

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