Speditionssoftware von cargo support mit Branchenbildern auf Handy und Tablet
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Let's go: Digitization at its best

Our freight forwarding software solution supports the entire process from the proposal preparation to the dispatching to the billing. It helps you to optimise internal processes and supports the connection to customers and partners.

  • Digitalised mapping of all real work steps in day-to-day business
  • Full cost control through dynamic evaluation of contribution margins
  • Maintain an overview thanks to customisable interfaces according to requirements
  • Flexible combination of individual components according to your needs


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Das Icon für cs DRIVE, der Fahrer-App für Speditionen und Transportunternehmen. cs DRIVE

The driver app for your logistics workflows

Ensure maximum transparency of ongoing activities by using the driver app cs DRIVE and support a smooth exchange of information between driver and control center in real time.

The app contains the basic functions of telematics with tracking, Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), message exchange and order management. With cs DRIVE, all logistics processes can be mapped, from pickup to handling to delivery of shipments.

  • No complex interface implementation
  • No double entry of your master data, such as drivers or vehicles
  • Mobile order management in more than 25 languages

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Ansicht eines Bildschirm von der Logistiksoftware von cargo support und der Faher-App

Main advantages

Driving digitization forward

Minimize back-office rework and empty runs by transmitting papers digitally instead of a flood of paper in the cab. Increase your drivers' effectiveness and avoid idle time with ETA calculations and status messages for drivers and dispatchers.

Improving customer relations

Create transparency by calculating the ETA times with the incoming item data and automatically comparing them with the order data of the currently active order and possible follow-up orders. If planned deadlines and commitments cannot be met, you can inform your customers in advance.

Individual components for your success

You can choose from a wide range of practical building blocks (bricks) and let us configure the tour processing individually according to your ideas and requirements. From the digital waybill to the scanning of seal and container numbers or the mobile entry of standing times for accurate invoicing, we can implement your workflow to fit your needs.


Online training courses for drivers

Do you use a driver app that is tailored exactly to your tour processing? Very good. Do your drivers also know how to use the app correctly and what benefits they themselves derive from the application? There are many different cases why drivers do not want to use an app. Make it easy for your drivers with online training that is tailored to them.

Because what you need are drivers who not only know the functions of the app, but also use them correctly.

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Argumente für Ihre Fahrer, die Fahrer-App einzusetzen.

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The electronic waybill:
Drive the competition away

Reduce staffing levels, save empty runs and operate contactless
The digital proof of delivery (eCMR) ensures a fast return of data at the end of the transport chain - and makes the entire process significantly more transparent and economical. This is because the digital bill of lading (eCMR) is based on blockchain technology, which reliably protects against manipulation. With the electronic waybill from cargo support, you can meet the future requirements of shippers today and stay way ahead of the competition!

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Der eFrachtbrief von cargo support
Fälschungssicher – dank Blockchain-Technologie

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Main functions

Ansicht im Dispocockpit von cargo support mit Fahrer-pp auf dem Tablet

Order submission

  • Automatic notification of tour changes
  • Disposition by the driver (pull tour)
  • When the tour is changed, the driver receives a message
  • Acceptance or rejection of a tour by the driver
  • Congestion messages to disposition



  • Start navigation with just one tap
  • Easy transfer to the preferred navigation app and transfer of the destination address.
  • Optional connection to truck navigation (e.g. Sygic)

Keeping track

  • Order and status transmission without double entry and additional effort.
  • GPS tracking and tracing for the current locations of your vehicles.
  • Simplified communication of dispatchers and drivers through integrated chat function
  • Photo function for documentation of load securing, damage or scan of signed original receipts.
  • Transmit digital delivery receipts



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Technical information

This app is available for Android devices.



A current Android smartphone or tablet PC with Android version 5.1 or higher (UMTS-capable, with Bluetooth or Wireless Direct interface. Recommendable: an integrated GPS receiver and a camera with a resolution of at least 3 megapixels.

Server settings

An application server is required to operate the cs DRIVE App. For this you should have a fixed external IP address, alternatively an existing DynDNS entry can be used.


cs DRIVE is directly linked to the main program parts, such as the administration and order management system cs JOB, the route planning module cs MAP and the disposition cs PLAN.

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