When Data
Become Decisions

Action-relevant Information
at a Glance

When you know the reasons, it is easy to identify the factors in your company that are driving you forward or slowing you down.

Get business insights faster through detailed reports, dashboards, and data visualizations.

Identify the operational challenges that are preventing you from maximizing efficiency.

Information from various sources can always provide an overview of current developments.

Companies from the transport and logistics industries have to constantly master new challenges due to globalization of markets and dynamic changes along the value chain. The demands on the logistics processes are becoming more and more complex. And, as in most industries, digitization will be decisive on the market. You can also use existing datasets effectively and profitably evaluate your data.


How you can Profit from cs BI

Up-to-date information is essential as a basis for quick and reliable business decisions.

To withstand cost pressure, cost analyses from existing data is required - and this under increasing time pressure


  • Recognize and highlight problem areas in a timely manner
  • Manage and steer vehicle fleets
  • Analyze transport volumes and use them optimally
  • Derive costs and allocate them to the project

Data quality plays a decisive role in this. Because digitization in logistics means generating and processing structured logistical data. At the same time, however, there is also a great opportunity for companies to deal with their data quality as part of these projects. With cs CONNECT, especially when used together with cs HUB, data entry errors and poor data quality are quickly and easily visible.


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