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Thanks to our industry knowledge, we know which software solutions freight companies really need.

cargo support GmbH & Co. KG is an owner-managed, German software and systems house, which specializes in the development of innovative logistics software solutions. We develop transport management solutions as well as goods management systems. 

The roots of cargo support GmbH & Co. KG go back to the haulier Nicolaus Hasch, who drove goods from one place to another in the 1930s. His grandson Volker Hasch, Managing Director of cargo support and MAXFLEX, learned to be a freight forwarder like his father and grandfather and was a truck driver himself. He was also responsible for the disposition and acquisition. Since 1988, "Hasch International Linienverkehr" provided continuous movement of goods between Wuppertal and Milan.

In 2003, cargo support GmbH & Co. KG was founded with the aim of providing transport companies with practical software solutions. Ralf Ostholt was responsible for the technical area, product development and programming right from the start. And he has also been a shareholder since 2008. In 2016, more companies were founded, including MAXFLEX Software GmbH & Co. KG, which leases software.


Over 200 licensees from a wide variety of industries rely on our solutions and services. Whether partial and complete loads, seaport, intermodal, hinterland traffic, heavy goods or crane logistics, to name but a few. We are at home in the industry and employ experts who work with you to elaborate and develop appropriate solutions. The possible uses of the cargo support logistics software are so flexible and versatile that customers of all sizes can be reliably served and cared for.

cargo support is growing organically and is on the road to success. We are often asked what we do differently or why we can do something better. We come from the industry and see in our software not only the means to an end, but the best possible result for our customers. The industry is changing, as is our customer service - but not our passion for transporting goods and everything that goes with it.

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Die deutschen Klimaziele können nur mit einer konsequenten Verkehrswende und einer Verlagerung der Gütertransporte von der Straße auf die Schiene gelingen.
Digitlaer Frachtbrief
Die Schmid Transport und Spedition GmbH hat den digitalen Frachtbrief eingeführt.
Die Schmid Transport und Spedition GmbH hat als einer der ersten Container-Logistiker den digitalen Frachtbrief eingeführt und nutzt dabei die Blockchain von cargo support.

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