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cargo support [dispo] for the transfer industry

From fuel consumption control to exact time tracking or automatic notes for the driver on the mobile end devices.

cargo support [dispo] for container logistics

Fast track at the port of Hamburg combined with chassis control and printing in the vehicles - this is container logistics at its finest.

Industry solution

cargo support [dispo] for heavy duty and crane logistics

Where crane configurations per Excel import and predefined to-do-matrices facilitate the project.

Industry solution

cargo support [dispo] for partial shipments and full loads

Clear presentation of all sections from collection to possible transshipment points to direct delivery or transfer to a shipping partner. That is our trip model.

Industry solution
Communication Event Center

Communication Event Center

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cargo support in Thailand - a big success

cargo support [dispo] as a software solution for the gobalized logistics market? Yes, says Karsten Thrane, CEO of Mon Logistics Group Co.Ltd.

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Harbor Communication Hamburg

Harbour Communication Hamburg

Container pre-announcement

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Container pre-announcement soon mandatory in the port of Hamburg

HHLA improves truck clearance at their container terminals. Electronic pre-announcement becomes mandatory. We have the interface.

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Route planning with map & guide by PTV Group

With the integration of the leading routing PTV Map & Guide into its software solution cargo support creates optimal prerequisites for cost-efficient route planning.

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